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Title: Carbon Credit Issuance: Accounting Based Financial Performance
Authors: Kumar P
Mittal A
Firoz M.
Keywords: Environment
Carbon credit
Carbon Disclosure Project
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: SCMS Group of Educational Institutions
Abstract: A carbon credit is having tradable money related worth and might be exchanged in the open market. Henceforth, these credits influence firms' money inflow and change the organisations' profitability. This examination analysed the connection between the CERs issuance and the CFP. It covers 44 Indian organisations' that are effectively occupied with climate conservation exercises and provided data about their ecological exercises through the CDP at least once during 2011-2015. This investigation revealed that the CERs issuances are positively and significantly linked to ROE. The finding reveals that the investors see the CERs grants as a positive organisation's initiative, leading to greater ROE. These results will be useful for financial specialists who trade in the CDM market and environmental strategies formation of the Indian organisations.
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