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Title: Liquidity risk and credit risk: Impact on banks
Authors: Kaur G
Sharma R.
Keywords: Credit risk
Liquidity risk
Bank stability
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: SCMS Group of Educational Institutions
Abstract: The global financial crisis has induced a series of failures of most conventional banks. This study investigates the main sources of banking fragility. We use a sample of 49 banks operating in the Tunisian over the period 2006-2015 to analyze the relationship between credit risk and liquidity risk and its impact on bank stability. Our results show that credit risk and liquidity risk do not have an economically meaningful reciprocal contemporaneous or timelagged relationship. However, both risks separately affect bank stability and their interaction contributes to bank instability. These findings provide bank managers with more understanding of bank risk and serve as an underpinning for recent regulatory efforts aimed at strengthening the joint risk management of liquidity and credit risks.
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