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Title: FADU-EV an automated framework for pre-release emotive analysis of theatrical trailers
Authors: Singh J
Goyal G
Gupta S.
Keywords: Dlib-ml
Emotive response
Social media
Machine learning
Movie trailer release
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Springer New York LLC
Abstract: Release of a theatrical movie trailer is a major marketing practice and a considerable cost is associated with it. Evaluating the effectiveness of a theatrical movie trailer before its release could substantially contribute towards enriching its contents and economic value. The relationship between the emotional responses generated in response to a movie trailer cannot be effectively measured using traditional methods such as surveys and interviews. This paper proposes a framework to measure the effectiveness of movie trailers by measuring emotive response of viewers. A case study was conducted to study the impact of a movie trailer release on stock value of movie using virtual stock markets. Further, the case study investigated the impact of emotionally intense movie trailer over its stock price. Based on emotive content of trailers, few of the movie stocks experienced a surge of two hundred and 50 % while others experienced a marginal rise of five to 10 % only. The observed results indicated a direct relation between release of movie trailer, its emotive content and abnormal positive returns of a movie stock.
URI: 10.1109/ICRAECC43874.2019.8995078
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