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Title: The mediating role of knowledge exploration and exploitation for the development of an entrepreneurial university
Authors: Centobelli P
Cerchione R
Esposito E
Shashi S.
Keywords: Chinese education system
Entrepreneurship university
Entrepreneurial education
Entrepreneurial university
Knowledge exploration and exploitation
Knowledge management
Structural equation modelling (SEM)
Theoretical framework
University�s third mission.
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.
Abstract: Purpose The modern knowledge-based economy acknowledges the role of the third mission of universities related to the process of knowledge transfer as a driving force to face sustainability issues, in addition to the two traditional missions focusing on research and teaching. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the relationships between internal environment, external environment, knowledge exploitation, knowledge exploration and university performance. Design/methodology/approach This study applies confirmatory factor analysis and structural equation modelling to test the conceptual model in the Chinese education system. Originality/value The necessity to develop a more entrepreneurial university, as well as the lack of evidence of their development in emerging countries, highlights the need to investigate how specific factors and knowledge management processes are impacting the universities� performance. In fact, although previous studies provide an explanation of the impact of internal and external factors on a university�s performance, contributions integrating these concepts with strategic knowledge management processes are still lacking.
URI: 10.1108/MD-11-2018-1240
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