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Title: Security aware vulnerability avoidance in cloud computing using nature inspired approach
Authors: Gupta S
Singla S
Panda S.N.
Keywords: Cloud computing
Cloud of things
Nature impired approach
Network security
River formation dynamics
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Medwell Journals
Abstract: Cloud computing is emerging as one of the high performance and integrity aware area in the distributed and grid based computing environment. Enormous computing and technology based services are delivered and disseminated throughout the globe using cloud implementations because of increasing usage of technology products. As these products and devices are quite costly to purchase, cloud computing gives the option to hire the computing infrastructure with per usage base. As cloud computing is escalating by number of services, there are lots of issues regarding vulnerability and integrity in the data centers from where these cloud services are disseminated. This research manuscript presents and implements a unique and effectual approach for security of data centers using dynamic approach for encryption during communication and accessing the cloud services. The results in the projected novel approach are effective in terms of cost, complexity and overall performance. The projected novel approach is using nature inspired approach river formation dynamics for the enhancement of results and performance. � Medwell Journals, 2017.
URI: 10.3923/jeasci.2017.6223.6226
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