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Title: Analysis of image enhancement techniques for astrocytoma MRI images
Authors: Gupta S
Gupta R
Singla C.
Keywords: Astrocytoma
Enhancement techniques
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Springer Science and Business Media B.V.
Abstract: Image processing plays an important role in getting information from medical images. Magnetic Resonance imaging (MRI) provides invaluable information to the physicians which help in diagnosis of various diseases. MRI is a technology which enables the detection, diagnosis and evaluation. An automatic detection requires pre-processed image. Preprocessing makes the image segmentation more accurate. In preprocessing the noise removal, enhancement of image, artifact removal and skull stripping are carried out. The purpose of this article is to analyze the performance of three different enhancement methods on brain MRI images named contrast limited adaptive histogram equalization, histogram equalization and brightness preserving dynamic fuzzy histogram equalization. These enhancement techniques are applied on Astrocytoma MR images and their performance is evaluated on the basis of quality metrics. � 2017, Bharati Vidyapeeth's Institute of Computer Applications and Management.
URI: 10.1007/s41870-017-0033-8
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