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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Aug-2017Xps Study of the Oxidation State of Uranium DioxideLÓPEZ, J A; MORENO, C DÍAZ; MURILLO, J; ECHEGOYEN, L
7-Aug-2017Measurements of Neutrons In A Mixed Gamma- Neutron Field Using Three Different Types of DetectorsLEAL, B; CASTILLO, F.; GUTIERREZ, J; GOLZARRI, JI; DEBUEN, I GAMBOA; ESPINOSA, G.; MARTÍNEZ, H
7-Aug-2017Alpha Emitter Intrinsic Concentration in Copper required for Nuclear Spectrometry ApplicationCamacho, A., 1927-; JAWORSKI, G; KEPPEL, G; BOHUS, L SAJO
7-Aug-2017Rubber Additions into Concrete and Gamma Radiation Effects on Mechanical Properties and Microwave Absorption CapacityCOLÍN, J; CASTILLO, F.; LEAL, B.; FLORES, O; GAMBOA, I; MARTÍNEZ, H
7-Aug-2017Effects of Low-Energy Laser Irradiation on Sperm Cells Dynamics of Rabbit (Oryctolagus Cuniculus)MIRANDA, J.M. DE JESÚS; MANDUJANO, L. A.; MÉNDEZ, F.; CASTILLO, Y.J.; MULIA, J.; GARCÍA, C.; FELIPE, Y.E.; GONZÁLEZ, D. OSORIO
7-Aug-2017Study of L-Glutamic Acid in Solid State for its Possible Use as a Gamma Dosimeter at Different Temperatures (77, 195 and 295 K)LÓPEZ, A L MELÉNDEZ; CASTAÑEDA, J CRUZ; ARRIAGA, A PAREDES; MENDOZA, A NEGRÓN; BERNAL, S RAMOS
7-Aug-2017Radio-Optically- and Thermally Stimulated Luminescence of Zn(BO2)2:Tb3+ exposed to Ionizing RadiationZARAGOZA, E CRUZ; ROSARIO, G CEDILLO DEL; HIPÓLITO, M GARCÍA; MARCAZZÓ, J; HERNÁNDEZ A, J M; CAMARILLO, E; S, H MURRIETA
7-Aug-2017Sperm Hyperactivation and Capacitation Induced By Light Stimuli in Cryopreserved SemenSOTO, V.; FUENTES, M.A.; NAVIDAD, G.; MEZA, R.N.; MANDUJANO, L.A.; SALAZAR, A.G.; FERNÁNDEZ, C.; GARCÍA, C.; PÉREZ, Y.E. FELIPE; GONZÁLEZ, D. OSORIO
7-Aug-2017Implementation of a Low Cost For Internal Dosimetry Radiological Survey of Ionization Radiation Exposed Workers In Nuclear Medicine ServicesVALLE, J; ANGELES, A; GARCÍA, T
7-Aug-2017Radiolysis of the Glycolaldehyde-Na+Montmorillonite and Glycolaldehyde-Fe3+Montmorillonite Systems in Aqueous Suspension under Gamma Radiation Fields: Implications in Chemical EvolutionCASTAÑEDA, J. CRUZ; LÓPEZ, A. L. MELÉNDEZ; BERNAL, S. RAMOS; MENDOZA, A. NEGRÓN
7-Aug-2017Thermoluminescent Characteristics of Li2B4O7 Doped with Mn2+ and Eu3+ IonsGARCÍA, P. TREJO; ZARAGOZA, E. CRUZ; ACEVES, R.; ESPINOSA, J. E.; MERINO, R. PALOMINO
7-Aug-2017Radon Exhalation from Industrial Residues as Suitable Additives for Building MaterialsBARROS, H; ESPINOSA, G; RODRIGUEZ, W; BOHUS, L SAJO
7-Aug-2017Radiolysis of Nucleosides: Study of Sedimentary Microenvironment Models for the Protection of Bio-Organic Molecules on Early EarthOVANDO, E Y AGUILAR; MENDOZA, A NEGRÓN
7-May-2017Application of a CdTe Detector for Measurements of Mammographic X-ray SpectraSANTOS, J C; TOMAL, A; COSTA, P R
7-Aug-2017Characterization Of Structures Of Equivalent Tissue With a Pixel DetectorLUYANDO, M.C GRADOS; ALONSO, B. DE CELIS; BARBOSA, E. MORENO; HERNÁNDEZ, M.I. MARTÍNEZ; LÓPEZ, J.M. HERNÁNDEZ; MUÑOZ, G. TEJEDA
7-Aug-2017Analysis and characterization of neutron scattering of a Linear Accelerator (LINAC) on medical applicationsFLORES, A. LIMA; MERINO, R. PALOMINO; ESPINOSA, E.; CASTAÑO, V.M.; GATICA, L. GUZMÁN; ESPINOSA, G.
7-Aug-2017Study of H2/N2Mixture Plasma Treatment on the AISI 1045PARDO L, E.; RODRÍGUEZ, J.G. GONZÁLEZ; CAMPILLO, B; CASTILLO, F.; FLORES, O.; MARTINEZ, H.
7-Aug-2017Study of secondary muons detected within the tunnels of the Cholula pyramidBARBOSA, E. MORENO; ROSALES, J.E. ESPINOSA; PALETA, J. COTZOMI; ALONSO, B DE CELIS; SÁNCHEZ, M. CRUZ; JUÁREZ, E. MERLO; GARCÍA, P. TREJO; FLORES, A. LIMA; MERINO, R. PALOMINO
7-Aug-2017Multiphoton Ionization of Uracil at 355 nmPRIETO, E.; GUERRERO, A.; MARTÍNEZ, D.; ÁLVAREZ, I.; Cisneros, C.
7-Aug-2017X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis of Ground CoffeeHERNÁNDEZ, MARÍA CRISTINA; ROMERO, DARÍO; Torres, Humberto; MIRANDA, JAVIER; LÓPEZ, A. ENRIQUE HERNÁNDEZ
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 22