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Title: A Study on The Attitude of Secondary School Teachers of West Bengal Towards CLIL
Keywords: Content
Teacher attitude
Teacher education
Issue Date: 6-Nov-2017
Publisher: Chitkara University Publications
Abstract: Cognitive development goes hand in hand with linguistic development, and language emerges as a tool through which a learner comes to understand the world. In the first language these processes are paired naturally, though for second language learners like the majority of learners of English in India, traditional methods for teaching second/foreign languages often dissociate language learning from cognitive or academic development. By contrast, an integrated approach brings these domains together in instruction. Integration of language and content, commonly known as CLIL, therefore emerges as significant for effective education. However, though the West Bengal Elementary Teacher Education Curriculum Framework encourages? CLIL, there seems to be a significant knowledge gap among practising secondary and higher secondary teachers regarding language and content integrated teaching and learning. The present study seeks to explore the knowledge and attitude of teachers of West Bengal regarding the CLIL methodology.
ISSN: Print 2320-7655
Online 2320-8805
Appears in Collections:IIE Volume 5 Number 2 (September - 2017)

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