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Title: Managing Waiting Time: Impact of Physical Environment and Interaction Quality
Keywords: Waiting Time
Physical Environment Quality
Interaction Quality
Private healthcare
Issue Date: 10-Apr-2017
Publisher: Chitkara University Publications
Abstract: This Research Paper presents the key role of waiting time. This report will explore the issue associated with prolonged waiting time. Research on waiting is used to determine not only why these issues are problematic but what factors may lead them to rise. Finally research unapplied to uncover ways in which the issues can be dealt with physical environment and interaction quality. The Exploratory factor analysis and Structural Equational Modeling was used to analyse the patients of private Clinic. The study brings various waiting time filler to deal with perception management of waiting time. The study provides valuable Operational management techniques to the policymakers on the management of waiting time in Private health care sector. Both patients and staff can get benefit from reduced crowding, less complaint, positive word of mouth and satisfied patients. It also benefit the society by better health services
ISSN: Print 2393-8536
Online 2393-8544
Appears in Collections:JMRH Volume 3 Number 2 (April - 2017)

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