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Title: Hybrid Approach for Automatic Drug Dispensing and Control
Keywords: Automatic Drug delivery
Infusion pump
Open Loop
Closed Loop
Depth of Anaesthesia
Issue Date: 10-Apr-2017
Publisher: Chitkara University Publications
Abstract: Clinical scenario for critically ill patients involves large number of medical devices, such as, bed side monitors that provide vital information about the admitted patient. Critically ill patients need prompt and perfect decision, so that lifesaving drugs can be delivered at a proper time. Moreover suggestions/ recommendations of a super specialist doctor may also be required in hospitals. The main problem in hospitals is lack of specialist doctors, so, patients are not able to approach to them on time. Automatic drug delivery using microprocessor/ microcontroller has improved tremendously in recent years due to advancement in Information and Communication Technology (ICT). This paper is focused on various Drug Delivery System Interfaces used in emergency cases to reduce manual intervention. We are proposing a hybrid approach for drug dispensing, which can work as open or closed loop system. Another feature of this system is that it can be controlled from a remote location, so is to provide virtual presence of a doctor. The system will help the doctor monitor the patient as per the immediate requirement and deliver drug remotely to patient using smart phone.
ISSN: Print 2393-8536
Online 2393-8544
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