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Title: Analgesic Activity of some 1-Phenyl-3-aryl-5- (4-(butanoloxy) phenyl) 1H-pyrazoles
Authors: GOYAL, ANJU
Keywords: Chalcones
analgesic activity
Issue Date: 2-Nov-2016
Publisher: Chitkara University Publications
Abstract: A series of analgesic activity of synthesised 1 -Phenyl-3-aryl- 5-(4-(butanoloxy) phenyl) 1H-pyrazoles were synthesized from chalcones and screened for their in vitro analgesic activity. Chalcones i.e.,1-aryl-3- (4-hydroxyphenyl) prop-2-en-1-ones, 1 on reaction with phenyl hydrazine in presence of acetic acid and few drops of hydrochloric acid furnished the corresponding 1-phenyl-3-aryl-5-(4-hydroxyphenyl)-1H-pyrazoles 2 which on further reaction with 4-chloroalkanol yielded the title compounds 3. These compounds were characterized by CHN analyses, IR, mass and 1H NMR spectral data. All the novel synthesised 1-Phenyl-3-aryl-5-(4-(butanoloxy) phenyl) 1H-pyrazoles were evaluated pharmacologically for their analgesic activity and the title synthesised compounds exhibited significant results as compared to standard drug.
ISSN: Print 2321-2217
Online 2321-2225
Appears in Collections:JPTRM Volume 4 Number 2 (November - 2016)

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