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Title: Efficacy of Communication Strategies in Augmenting Quality of Life and Participation in Individuals with Aphasia
Authors: VANDANA, V. P.
Keywords: Aphasia
communication strategies
Issue Date: 4-Apr-2016
Publisher: Chitkara University Publications
Abstract: Use of communication strategies are recommended frequently to individuals with aphasia in order to enhance their communication and societal participation. This study aims to explore the efficacy of communication strategy usage in persons with chronic aphasia and their communicative partners. For this purpose, interviews were conducted with five women and six men with chronic aphasia (N =11) and a qualitative analysis of the same was done. Different factors related to individuals with aphasia, their caregivers and topics of conversation were found to affect the efficacious use of communication strategies. The most important among this was the care givers awareness regarding the need and usage of communication strategies. It was evident from the current research that caregiver training on communication strategies should be an integral goal of aphasia rehabilitation. This will inturn enhance rehabilitation and integration of individuals with aphasia for societal participation.
ISSN: Print 2393-8536
Online 2393-8544
Appears in Collections:JMRH Volume 2 Number 2 (April - 2016)

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