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Title: Emanation Study of Gas Radon on the Ancient Cuexcomate Geyser in Puebla City, Mexico
Authors: Serrano, J. A. Monarca
Cirilo, M. de Jesús
López, C.Vázquez
Leal, B. E. Zendejas
Golzarri, J. I.
Espinosa, G.
Keywords: Radon detection
Cuexcomate volcano
Radon and rainfall
Issue Date: 8-Aug-2016
Publisher: Chitkara University Publications
Abstract: Radon measurements were collected over a period of nine months in the area of the ancient Cuexcomate geyser, in Puebla City. For measuring radon, the passive method of nuclear tracks in solids was used, using polycarbonate CR-39 as radiation sensitive material. Radon concentrations varied in strong anti-correlation with the rainfall intensity. And are lower compared to other locations, in concordance with the stratigraphic composition, as travertine and deposits of volcanic origin, corresponding to the geyser chemical composition and the active environment in the north part of the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt with an andesitic and basalt composition.
ISSN: Print - 2321-8649
Online 2321-9289
Appears in Collections:JNP Volume 4 Number 1 (August - 2016)

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