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Title: Effectiveness of Cooperative Learning on Critical Thinking Dispositions of Secondary School Students
Authors: Garcha, Pargat Singh
Kumar, Khushvinder
Keywords: Cooperative learning
Critical thinking Dispositions
Issue Date: 30-Mar-2015
Publisher: Chitkara University Publications
Abstract: The objective of the present paper was to study the effectiveness of Cooperative Learning (Jigsaw strategy) on Critical thinking Dispositions of secondary school students. Total 116 students of class 9th studying in a school affiliated to P.S.E.B were taken as sample. Data was collected by using Critical Thinking in everyday Life developed by Mincemoyer, Perkins, Munyua (2001) which was revalidated on Indian population by Malhan (2011). By employing 2x2 factorial design of ANCOVA results showed that students taught through cooperative learning strategy (Jigsaw) (Mean=27.12, N=57) achieved significantly higher Critical thinking Dispositions as compared to traditional method of teaching (Mean=22.39, N=59). Critical thinking Dispositions was found to be independent of interaction between treatment and gender.
ISSN: Print 2320-7655
Online 2320-8805
Appears in Collections:IIE Volume 3 Number 1 (March - 2015)

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