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Title: ICT Integration in Teaching and Learning: Empowerment of Education with Technology
Authors: Kler, Shikha
Keywords: ICT
ICT integration
ICT barriers
ICT benefits
teacher’s role
Issue Date: 25-Sep-2015
Publisher: Chitkara University Publications
Abstract: Information and communication technology (ICT) in teaching learning means making the effective use of ICT to teach the subject matter in a more interesting manner to make learning easy and fast for the students. It makes use of projectors, internet, multimedia, audio- visual aids and much more for teaching. The use of ICT in teaching learning have changed the whole concept of education and had proved to be of great benefit both for the teachers as well as the students. Through ICT, teachers get an opportunity to use new innovations in their teaching and present the study material in a more refined manner which is easily understood by the students and apart from this, ICT usage in teaching learning by the teachers gives an opportunity to the teacher to get acquainted with the new innovation and become contributors to its use in education. The students gain a lot by learning through ICT and they learn to seek knowledge on their own by using ICT. They also get an opportunity to share their knowledge with others through ICT. But there are certain factors which effect the successful ICT integration in teaching learning. This paper throws light on the benefits of ICT usage in teaching learning, three phases to successful ICT integration, factors influencing ICT by teachers, the barriers to successful ICT integration, implications to check barriers, and the changed role of the teachers.
ISSN: Print 2320-7655
Online 2320-8805
Appears in Collections:IIE Volume 2 Number 2 (September - 2014)

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