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Title: A Review on the Biasing Parameters of Ridge Regression Estimator in LRM
Authors: Dube, Madhulika
., Isha
Keywords: Ordinary Least Squares Estimator
Ridge Regression
Biasing Parameter
Issue Date: 1-Sep-2014
Publisher: Chitkara University Publications
Abstract: Ridge regression is the one of the most widely used biased estimator in the presence of multicollinearity, preferred over unbiased ones since they have a larger probability of being closer to the true parametric value. Being the modification of the least squares method it introduces a biasing parameter to reduce the length of the parameter under study. As these biasing parameters depend upon the unknown quantities, extensive work has been carried out by several authors to work out the best one. Owing to the fact that over the years a large numbers of biasing parameters have been proposed and studied, this article presents an annotated bibliography along with the review on various biasing parameter available.
ISSN: P 2278-9561
O 2278-957X
Appears in Collections:MJIS Volume 3 Number 1 (September - 2014)

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