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Title: Application of Silica Fume and Nanosilica in Cement and Concrete - A Review
Authors: Gupta, Sakshi
Keywords: Micro-silica
compressive strength
Issue Date: 24-Feb-2014
Abstract: This paper reviews the recent developments and present state of the application of silica fume (micro-silica) and nano-silica for sustainable development of concrete industry. This would save not only the natural resources and energy but also protect the environment with the reduction of waste material. Limited work is done on use of nano-silica and microsilica in paste, mortar and concrete and whatever work is available is highly contradictory about their influence on mechanical strength development and durability properties. Various literatures have been reviewed to understand the influence of micro and nano-silica on fresh, hardened and microstructural properties of paste, cement mortar and concrete. Taking advantage of nanostructure and microstructure characterization tools and materials, the simultaneous and also separate optimal use of micro-silica and nano-silica will create a new concrete mixture that will result in long lasting concrete structures in the future.
ISSN: Print 2321-3906
Online 2321-7146
Appears in Collections:JOTITT Volume 1 Number 2 (December - 2013)

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