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Title: Improved Ratio Type Estimator Using Two Auxiliary Variables under Second Order Approximation
Authors: Sharma, Prayas
Singh, Rajesh
Keywords: simple random sampling
population mean
study variable
auxiliary variable
ratio type estimator
product estimator
Bias and MSE
Issue Date: 3-Mar-2014
Publisher: Chitkara University
Abstract: In this paper, we have proposed a new Ratio Type Estimator using auxiliary information on two auxiliary variables based on Simple random sampling without replacement (SRSWOR). The proposed estimator is found to be more efficient than the estimators constructed by Olkin (1958), Singh (1965), Lu (2010) and Singh and Kumar (2012) in terms of second order mean square error.
ISSN: Print : 2278-9561
Online : 2278-957X
Appears in Collections:MJIS Volume 2 Number 2 (March - 2014)

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