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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019WBSN based safe lifestyle: A case study of heartrate monitoring systemVidhyotma; Singh J.
2020Webinars: An assistive tool used by higher education educators during Covid19 case studyKumar A; Malhotra S; Katoch A; Sarathkar A; Manocha A.
2021Weed species identification in different crops using precision weed management: A reviewMishra A.M; Gautam V.
2020Weight based-artificial neural network (W-ann) for predicting dengue using machine learning approach with Indian perspectiveKapoor R; Kadyan V; Ahuja S.
2021What factors impact online education? A factor analysis approachKukreja V; Sakshi Kaur A; Aggarwal A
5-May-2017WHO Guided Real Time Stability Testing on Shankhpushpi SyrupJAIN, ASTHA; KAUR, JASMEEN; ., NANCY; BANSAL, YOGITA; SAINI, BALRAJ; BANSAL, GULSHAN
23-Oct-2009Wireless Networks and Embedded Systems (WECON-2009)Faculty of Electronics and Communication Engineering
11-Jul-2011Wireless Networks and Embedded Systems (WECON-2011)Faculty of Electronics and Communication Engineering
2019Workforce diversity - challenges in inclusion of people with disabilities in the hospitality industryVashishth A; Verma V; Saini A; Jhamb D.
2020Wrong Lane Driving Detection using Satellite NavigationGagneja K; Singh K.J.
8-Aug-2016X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis of Fine Atmospheric Aerosols from a Site in Mexico CityLópez, A. E. Hernández; Miranda, J.; Pineda, J. C.
7-Aug-2017X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis of Ground CoffeeHERNÁNDEZ, MARÍA CRISTINA; ROMERO, DARÍO; Torres, Humberto; MIRANDA, JAVIER; LÓPEZ, A. ENRIQUE HERNÁNDEZ
7-Aug-2017Xps Study of the Oxidation State of Uranium DioxideLÓPEZ, J A; MORENO, C DÍAZ; MURILLO, J; ECHEGOYEN, L
2017Zero-day malware detectionGandotra E; Bansal D; Sofat S.
5-Mar-2017Zeros of Lacunary Type of PolynomialsZARGAR, BA
8-Aug-2016ZnS (Mn) Nanoparticles as Luminescent Centers for Siloxane Based ScintillatorsCarturan, S.; Cinausero, G. Maggioni M.; Marchi, T.; Gramegna, F.; Pino, F.; Fabris, D.; Quaranta, A.; Bohus, L. Sajo