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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020S3A: Smart Station Search Assistance for Electric Vehicle?A Step Toward Smart CityGoel S; Kumar R; Kumar A; Malhotra R.
2019SA sorting: A novel sorting technique for large-scale dataShabaz M; Kumar A.
24-Feb-2014Sacralizing the City: The Begums of Bhopal and their MosquesSharma, Jyoti Pandey
24-Feb-2014Sacred Buildings and Brain Performance: The Effect of Sultan Hasan Mosque on Brain Waves of its UsersEssawy, Sally; Kamel, Basil; El-Sawy, Mohamed Samir
2021Safeguarding the frontier covidians during the COVID-19 pandemic: Scuffles and proposed strategiesVijay V.R; Krishnan N; Issac A; Jacob J; Stephen S; Rakesh V.R; Kang H.K; Dhandapani M.
2020SAPDA: Secure Authentication with Protected Data Aggregation Scheme for Improving QoS in Scalable and Survivable UWSNsGoyal N; Dave M; Verma A.K.
2019SARIMA modelling for forecasting the electricity consumption of a health care buildingKaur H; Ahuja S.
8-Aug-2016A Scaling Law for L-Shell X-Ray Production Cross Sections Induced by Impact of 4He+, 9Be2+, and 14N2+ IonsMiranda, Javier
2019Scaling of Output Load in Energy Efficient FIR Filter for Green Communication on Ultra-Scale FPGAPandey B; Pandey N; Kaur A; Akbar Hussain D.M; Das B; Tomar G.S.
2021Scenario planning: An alternative approach to European Commission for combating antimicrobial resistance by 2050Laura Patricia Orellana Garc�a; Kiranjeet Kaur; Helmut Brand; Peter Schr�der-B�ck
2021Scheduling of Parallel Tasks in Cloud Environment Using DAG MODELKapoor S; Panda S.N.
5-May-2017Screening of Antianxiety Activity of Habenaria Intermedia D. Don FruitsKUMAR, PAWAN; MADAAN, REECWHA; SIDHU, SHABIR
2021Scrutinizing the therapeutic and diagnostic potential of nanotechnology in thyroid cancer: Edifying drug targeting by nano-oncotherapeuticsGhazy E; Kumar A; Barani M; Kaur I; Rahdar A; Behl T
2019SDWSN: Software-defined wireless sensor networkBhardwaj S; Panda S.N; Chang C.-Y.
2020Search for non-acidic ALR2 inhibitors: Evaluation of flavones as targeted agents for the management of diabetic complicationsVyas B; Choudhary S; Singh P.K; Kumar M; Verma H; Singh M; Malik A.K; Silakari O.
23-Dec-2007Second Annual Convocation 2007, Chitkara University, PunjabSalwan, S K
6-Apr-2006Second Convocation Address CCEW April 2, 2006 by Ranjit Singh Ghuman, Chitkara University, PunjabGhuman, Ranjit Singh
2020Secure and Robust Watermarking Scheme based on Motion Features for Video ObjectAhuja R; Purnima; Haque M.J; Tanwar S; Gautam N; Rana A.
2019Secure electronic voting machine using multi-modal biometric authentication system, data encryption, and firewallBhatti J; Chachra S; Walia A; Vishal A.