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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Radiation induced oral mucositis: Onset, severity and associated risk factors among head and neck cancer patients- A prospective observational studyThomas P.L; Kaur H; Rishi K.S.
7-Aug-2017Radiation Induced Oxidation Reactions of Ferrous Ions: An Agent-based ModelRIVERA1, A.L.; BERNAL, A.S. RAMOS; MENDOZA, A. NEGRÓN
2020Radio frequency based material estimation of old age 3D sculpturesDhingra N; Saluja N; Garg R; Kanwar V; Ghosh D.
7-Aug-2017Radio-Optically- and Thermally Stimulated Luminescence of Zn(BO2)2:Tb3+ exposed to Ionizing RadiationZARAGOZA, E CRUZ; ROSARIO, G CEDILLO DEL; HIPÓLITO, M GARCÍA; MARCAZZÓ, J; HERNÁNDEZ A, J M; CAMARILLO, E; S, H MURRIETA
8-Aug-2016Radiochemical Separation and Measurement by Mass Spectrometry with Magnetic Sector with Inductively Coupled Plasma source (ICP-SFMS) of Plutonium Isotopes in Soil SamplesCortés, C. O. Tores; Mendoza, H. Hernández; Carrillo, H. R. Vega; Guzmán, E. T. Romero
8-Aug-2016Radiolysis and Thermolysis of Cytosine: Importance in Chemical EvolutionCastañeda, J. Cruz; Mendoza, A. Negrón
7-Aug-2017Radiolysis of Nucleosides: Study of Sedimentary Microenvironment Models for the Protection of Bio-Organic Molecules on Early EarthOVANDO, E Y AGUILAR; MENDOZA, A NEGRÓN
8-Aug-2016Radiolysis of Serine in High Radiation FieldOvando, Ellen Y. Aguilar; Mendoza, Alicia Negrón
7-Aug-2017Radiolysis of the Glycolaldehyde-Na+Montmorillonite and Glycolaldehyde-Fe3+Montmorillonite Systems in Aqueous Suspension under Gamma Radiation Fields: Implications in Chemical EvolutionCASTAÑEDA, J. CRUZ; LÓPEZ, A. L. MELÉNDEZ; BERNAL, S. RAMOS; MENDOZA, A. NEGRÓN
8-Aug-2016Radionuclide Determination In Surface Water Samples By Inductively Coupled Plasma With Sector Field Mass Spectrometry (ICP-SFMS)Guzmán, E. T. Romero; Mendoza, H. Hernández; Gutiérrez, L. R. Reyes; Lugo, M. J. Ríos; Santana, J. Hernández
7-Aug-2017Radon Exhalation from Industrial Residues as Suitable Additives for Building MaterialsBARROS, H; ESPINOSA, G; RODRIGUEZ, W; BOHUS, L SAJO
6-Aug-2018Radon in Workplaces the Urgent Need of New Measurements and DevicesTommasino, L; Espinosa, G
13-Aug-2019Radon Progeny Recoil Effect in Retrospective Indoor Glass DosimetryTibambre-Heredia, C.D.; Olaya-Dávila, H.; Sevilla, A.C.; Samasundaram, R.; Lopez, J.A.; Martinez-Ovalle, S.A.; Sajo-Bohus, L.
25-Feb-2014A Ratio-cum-Dual to Ratio Estimator of Population Variance Using Qualitative Auxiliary Information Under Simple Random SamplingYadav, Subhash Kumar
2020A rationalized and innovative perspective of nanotechnology and nanobiotechnology in chronic wound managementKumar A; Behl T; Chadha S.
25-Jul-2014Re-Planning ‘Planned’ Public Spaces: The Neigbourhood Market of Sector 15 in ChandigarhJigyasu, Niyati
24-Feb-2014Re-visioning Chandigarh: Densification and Re-development of the City Centre (Sector-17)Boparai, Gurkanwal Singh
2019Reactivation of p53 gene by MDM2 inhibitors: A novel therapy for cancer treatmentGupta A; Shah K; Oza M.J; Behl T
2019Realisation of all photonic logic gates using plasmonic-based photonic structure through bandgap analysisAmiri I.S; Palai G; Tripathy S.K; Nayak S.R.
2020Realization of 3D memory for optical computer: A new paragon to future photonicsAmiri I.S; Nayak S.R; Sahu S.K; Palai G.