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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020QoS aware cross layer paradigm for urban development applications in IoTRani S; Saravanakumar N; Rajeyyagari S; Porkodi V; Bouk S.H.
2020QPSO-CD: quantum-behaved particle swarm optimization algorithm with Cauchy distributionBhatia A.S; Saggi M.K; Zheng S.
2021Qualitative and quantitative analysis of topographically derived CVA algorithms using MODIS and Landsat-8 data over Western Himalayas, IndiaSingh S; Sood V; Taloor A.K; Prashar S; Kaur R.
3-Mar-2014Quality Enhancement of Open and Distance Teacher Education through E-Learning 2.0Kumar, Ajith C
2020Quality issues in meat and poultry processing sectorThakur D; Shyam V; Singh V.
2-Sep-2014Quality of Water in and Around Chandigarh Region - A ReviewSingh, Sandeep; Singh, Nirankar; Kumar, Sunil
6-Feb-2020Quality of Work Life, Job Satisfaction, and Life Satisfaction of the employees working in Small & Medium EnterprisesThakur, Sapna
2017Quantum confined model for a novel tri-material gate stack engineered double gate MOSFETDuggal D; Sharma R; Kapoor B.
20-Aug-2014Quantum Effects on the Linear Dispersion Characteristics in Electron-Positron PlasmaMohamed, Bahaa F.; Abou-Salem, L. I.; Albrulsy, Rehab
2020A Quantum Finite Automata Approach to Modeling the Chemical ReactionsBhatia A.S; Zheng S.
2020Quantum neural networks for dynamic route identification to avoid trafficBoyapati S; Swarna S.R; Kumar A.
2-Oct-2017A Quasi Experimental Study to Compare the Effect of Semi-Sitting Versus Left Lateral Position on Maternal and Foetal Bio-Physiological Parameters Among Antenatal Women Undergoing Non Stress Test in Tertiary Care Hospital of Patiala, PunjabKAUR, GURPREET; NARULA, PREETY; KAUR, HARPREET
2019Radiation induced oral mucositis: Onset, severity and associated risk factors among head and neck cancer patients- A prospective observational studyThomas P.L; Kaur H; Rishi K.S.
7-Aug-2017Radiation Induced Oxidation Reactions of Ferrous Ions: An Agent-based ModelRIVERA1, A.L.; BERNAL, A.S. RAMOS; MENDOZA, A. NEGRÓN
2020Radio frequency based material estimation of old age 3D sculpturesDhingra N; Saluja N; Garg R; Kanwar V; Ghosh D.
7-Aug-2017Radio-Optically- and Thermally Stimulated Luminescence of Zn(BO2)2:Tb3+ exposed to Ionizing RadiationZARAGOZA, E CRUZ; ROSARIO, G CEDILLO DEL; HIPÓLITO, M GARCÍA; MARCAZZÓ, J; HERNÁNDEZ A, J M; CAMARILLO, E; S, H MURRIETA
8-Aug-2016Radiochemical Separation and Measurement by Mass Spectrometry with Magnetic Sector with Inductively Coupled Plasma source (ICP-SFMS) of Plutonium Isotopes in Soil SamplesCortés, C. O. Tores; Mendoza, H. Hernández; Carrillo, H. R. Vega; Guzmán, E. T. Romero
8-Aug-2016Radiolysis and Thermolysis of Cytosine: Importance in Chemical EvolutionCastañeda, J. Cruz; Mendoza, A. Negrón
7-Aug-2017Radiolysis of Nucleosides: Study of Sedimentary Microenvironment Models for the Protection of Bio-Organic Molecules on Early EarthOVANDO, E Y AGUILAR; MENDOZA, A NEGRÓN
8-Aug-2016Radiolysis of Serine in High Radiation FieldOvando, Ellen Y. Aguilar; Mendoza, Alicia Negrón