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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Aug-2014PADC Detected External Neutron Field by Nuclear Tracks at RFX-modGonzalez, W.; Zuin, M.; Martines, E.; Espinosa, G; Golzari, J. I.; Viesti, G.; Pino, F.; Sajo-Bohus, L.; Bermudez, J; Moro, D.; Palfalvi, J. K.
2020Pandemic threat to global health: A review-based articleSharma A; Sharma S; Singh A.
30-Nov-2014Panoramic View on Quality by DesignManisha, Manisha; Tripathy, Swagat; Dureja, Harish
2020Paradigm Shift in Engineering Education during COVID 19: From Chalkboards to Talk BoardsMalhotra S; Dutta R; Amit Kumar; Sagar Mahna D.
30-Dec-2014Parametric Seismic Analysis of Tall Buildings with Different Geometry and Constant Plan AreaShivhare, Ashish Mohan; Pathak, K.K.; Dubey, S.K.
2018Parametric Variation of ZnSe/TiO2Electron Transport Layer Based Perovskite Solar Cell: A Simulation Study and OptimizationArora N; Pandey R; Sharma R; Madan J; Chaujar R.
22-Feb-2014Partial as Well as Total Photon Interaction Effective Atomic Numbers for Some ConcretesSingh, Tejbir; ingh, Parjit S. S
2017Passive flow heat exchanger simulation for power generation from solar pond using thermoelectric generatorsBaharin N.A; Arzami A.A; Singh B; Remeli M.F; Tan L; Oberoi A.
2021Passive leadership styles and perceived procrastination in leaders: A PLS-SEM approachSingh S; Sood S; Bala R.
2020Patented therapeutic drug delivery strategies for targeting pulmonary diseasesThakur A K; Chellappan D K; Dua K; Mehta M; Satija S; Singh I
28-Dec-2017Path Clustering: Clustering in a Efficient Way Complex Data DistributionsFernandes, R. Q. A.; Pinheiro, W. A.; Xexéo, G. B.; Souza, J. M. de
2020Pathobiological and molecular connections involved in the high fructose and high fat diet induced diabetes associated nonalcoholic fatty liver diseaseEkta; Gupta M; Kaur A; Singh T.G; Bedi O.
2020Pde4 inhibition : An emerging therapeutic strategy in liver diseasesGrewal A S; Thapa K; Sharma N; Singh S; Singh R; Singh K; Arora S
28-Jun-2018Pedestrian Safety on Crosswalks in India – Need of the HourBansal, Ankit; Goyal, Tripta; Sharma, Umesh
3-Sep-2016“Perceived Job Transition Readiness” of Physical Therapy Students in Abha, Saudi ArabiaALAHMARI, KHALID A
6-Jan-2016Perceived Thermal Environment of Naturally- Ventilated Classrooms in IndiaVITTAL, RAMPRASAD; GNANASAMBANDAM, SUBBAIYAN
2018Perceptual impediments to stock market investment: Factor analysis approachSand N; Mankotia N.
16-Jul-2018Performance Analysis and Optimization of Spectrum Sensing for Dynamic Spectrum Access in Cognitive RadioGarg, Rooplai
2021Performance Analysis of Caching Strategies in Information-Centric NetworkingGupta D; Rani S; Ahmed S.H.
2020Performance Analysis of Interior Gateway Protocols (IGPs) using GNS-3Karna H; Baggan V; Sahoo A.K; Sarangi P.K.