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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Object detection techniques: A comparisonMalhotra P; Garg E.
14-Mar-2016Occupational Hazards And Their Impact On Workers In Pulp And Paper IndustriesSharma, Anuradha; RATTAN, V. K.
2019Odia character recognition system: A study on feature extraction and classification techniquesSingh S; Sarangi P.K; Singla C; Sahoo A.K.
28-Dec-2017OFDM: A Mathematical ReviewMalik, Praveen Kumar; Tripathi, M P
3-May-2019Offline Handwritten Gurmukhi Word Recognition and Mapping with Devanagari ScriptKumar, Neeraj
2019Offline handwritten gurumukhi character recognition system using convolution neural networkGupta S; Jindal U; Gupta D; Gupta R.
2020Offline handwritten gurumukhi character recognition system using deep learningJindal U; Gupta S; Jain V; Paprzycki M.
30-Mar-2015On Eneström – Kakeya TheoremZargar, B.A.
25-Feb-2014On Inequalities Involving Moments of Discrete Uniform DistributionsSharma, Sita Ram; Sharma, Rajesh
2019On rent�an android mobile applicationChauhan H; Gupta D; Gupta S; Verma V.
1-Sep-2014On Sample Size DeterminationMuralidharan, K.
2020On scheduling transaction in grid computing using cuckoo search-ant colony optimization considering loadMahato D.P; Sandhu J.K; Singh N.P; Kaushal V.
1-Sep-2017On Some Inequalities Involving Harmonic Mean and MomentsGUPTA, MADHU; SHARMA, RAJESH; SHARMA, S.R.
8-Aug-2016On the Equivalent Sources and Geometric Factor Calculation for a Circular Detection CaseViloria A, Tony; Montiel, Luis; Bohus, Laszlo Sajo; Palacios, Daniel
20-Mar-2014On the Fusion of Neutron/ Proton-Rich Colliding Nuclei Using Isospin-Dependent PotentialsDutt, Ishwar; Kaur, Maninder
5-Sep-2016On The Generalized Divided DifferencesRay, Subhasis; GHOSH, SUBHANKAR
6-Sep-2018On The Generalized Natural TransformChindhe, A. D.; Kiwne, S. B.
30-Mar-2015On The Maximum Modulus of a PolynomialDar, Bilal; Abdullah, Mir; Dawood, Q. M.; Shiekh, M.I.; Ali, Mir Ahsan
2019On the multi-parametric optimization of quality characteristics of the hybrid Al-6061 composites fabricated through powder metallurgyJoshi M.P; Singh J; Prakash C; Singh S.
26-Feb-2018On the Role of Large Nuclear Gravity in Understanding Strong Coupling Constant, Nuclear Stability Range, Binding Energy of Isotopes and Magic proton numbers – A Critical ReviewSeshavatharam, U.V.S.; Lakshminarayana, S.