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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021N-CNN Based Transfer Learning Method for Classification of Powdery Mildew Wheat DiseaseDeepak Kumar; Vinay Kukreja
2019N-pyridin-2-yl benzamide analogues as allosteric activators of glucokinase: Design, synthesis, in vitro, in silico and in vivo evaluationGrewal A.S; Kharb R; Prasad D.N; Dua J.S; Lather V.
8-Aug-2016NaI(Tl) Scintillator's Response Functions for Point-like and Distributed Gamma-ray SourcesCarrillo, H. R. Vega; Rengifo, J. L. Benites; Davila, V.M. Hernandez; Rodriguez, J.M. Ortiz; Martínez, H. A. de Leon-
2018Nano era of dentistry-an updateMaman P; Nagpal M; Gilhotra R.M; Aggarwal G.
2019Nano particles induced vertical alignment of liquid crystal for display devices with augmented morphological and electro-optical characteristicsChinky; Kumar P; Sharma V; Malik P; Raina K.K.
2020Nano-structured lipid carriers: A promising strategy and current progress in rheumatoid arthritis and pain managementSharma N; Sharma S; Singh S; Garg K; Singh S.K; Arora S.
8-Feb-2016Nanocomposites for Decontamination of Multicomponent Technogenic DilutionsKADOSHNIKOV, V.; LYTVYNENKO, YU.; ZABULONOV, YU.; KRASNOHOLOVETS, V.
2021Nanodiagnosis and nanotreatment of colorectal cancer: an overviewBarani M; Bilal M; Rahdar A; Arshad R; Kumar A; Hamishekar H; Kyzas G Z
2020Nanomaterials for diagnosis and treatment of brain cancer: Recent updatesMukhtar M; Bilal M; Rahdar A; Barani M; Arshad R; Behl T; Brisc C; Banica F; Bungau S.
2021Nanomaterials for skin antifungal therapy: An updated reviewManju Nagpal; Malkiet Kaur
2018Nanostructure Materials for Electrochemical Hydrogen Storage: A ReviewJindal H; Sandhu I.S; Chitkara M; Oberoi A.S.
2020Narcissism as a determinant of job satisfaction among university teaching staff in IndiaChand P.K; Dhiman R; Mittal A; Jhamb D.
2020Natural compounds as source of aldose reductase (Ar) inhibitors for the treatment of diabetic complications: A mini reviewGrewal A S; Thapa K; Kanojia N; Sharma N; Singh S
2019Natural gums and mucilage as matrix formers in sustained released dosage formsBala R; Rana R; Madaan R.
2021Nature-Inspired Optimization Algorithms for Localization in Static and Dynamic Wireless Sensor Networks�A SurveyKaur P; Rani S.
2020Navigating Alzheimer�s disease via chronic stress: The role of glucocor-ticoidsSharma V K; Singh T G
2020The Need for Developing Technology-Enabled, Safe, and Ethical Workforce for Healthcare DeliverySarbadhikari S.N; Pradhan K.B.
2021The Need for Virtualization: When and Why Virtualization Took Over Physical ServersAnand A; Chaudhary A; Arvindhan M.
2018Nefopam hydrochloride loaded microspheres for post-operative pain management: synthesis, physicochemical characterization and in-vivo evaluationSharma N; Arora S; Madan J.
2020Network analysis, chemical characterization, antioxidant and enzyme inhibitory effects of foxglove (Digitalis cariensis Boiss. ex Jaub. & Spach): A novel raw material for pharmaceutical applicationsZengin G; Ceylan R; Sinan K.I; Ak G; Uysal S; Mahomoodally M.F; Lobine D; Aktumsek A; Czi�ky Z; Jeko J; Behl T; Orlando G; Menghini L; Ferrante C.