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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Machine learning algorithms for building recommender systemsSharma R; Rani S; Tanwar S.
2020Machine Learning and Big Data Implementation on Health Care dataSasubilli G; Kumar A.
2017Machine learning and its applications: A reviewAngra S; Ahuja S.
2019Machine learning based effort estimation using standardizationSharma P; Singh J.
2020Machine Learning Implementation on Medical Domain to Identify Disease Insights using TMSSasubilli S.M; Kumar A; Dutt V.
2020Machine learning in wireless sensor networks: A retrospectiveMehta A; Sandhu J.K; Sapra L.
2020Machine learning technique for wireless sensor networksKaur R; Kaur Sandhu J; Sapra L.
2019Magnetic studies of mixed Mg�Mn ferrite suitable for biomedical applicationsDhiman M; Rana S; Singh M; Sharma J.K.
6-Sep-2018Mahgoub Deterioration Method and its Application in Solving Duo-combination of Nonlinear PDE’sKhandelwal, Rachana; Khandelwal, Yogesh
26-Jul-2019Majority Gate Based High Performance Memory Cell Design Withleast Feature SizeSandhu, Amanpreet
2019A majority gate based RAM cell design with least feature size in QCASandhu A; Gupta S.
2020Malaria detection using deep residual networks with mobile microscopyPattanaik P.A; Mittal M; Khan M.Z; Panda S.N.
2017Management of forex risk exposure: A study of SMEs and unlisted non-financial firms in IndiaMehta K; Sharma R; Aman Chugh C.A.
2018Management of SME's semi structured data using semantic techniqueSingh S; Singh J.
26-Mar-2018Managing Forex Risk Exposure and Determinants of Forex Hedging Strategies: A Study on SMEs and Unlisted Non Financial Firms in IndiaChugh, Aman
14-Jan-2015Managing Security in the Built Environment – A Review of Environmental Crime Prevention StrategiesHannah, C.; Tadepa lli, S.; Gopalakrishnan, P.
2021Managing sustainability in luxury industry to pursue circular economy strategiesShashi Centobelli P; Cerchione R; Mittal A.
14-Jan-2015Managing Urban Transformations of Refugee Settlements in West Delhi from Camps to Nagars: The Story of Moti Nagar and Kirti NagarChatterjee, Prerana
10-Apr-2017Managing Waiting Time: Impact of Physical Environment and Interaction QualityKUMARI, NEETU; PATYAL, SANDEEP
17-Nov-2015Mannich Bases of 2-Substituted Benzimidazoles - A ReviewRITCHU, SETHI; SANDEEP, ARORA; NEELAM, JAIN; SANDEEP, JAIN