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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A Key based Distributed Approach for Data Integrity and Consistency in JSON and XML(Hierarchical Data Exchange Formats)Goyal G; Garg K.D; Gill R.
2017Key management using Chebyshev polynomials for mobile ad hoc networksRamkumar K.R; Singh R.
2020Key milestones in the diabetes research: A comprehensive updateGupta A; Behl T; Sachdeva M.
2021KFCM-Based Direct MarketingTrivedi N.K; Kumar S; Jain S; Maheshwari S.
2019Knowledge and attitude of Indian parous women toward human milk bankingKaur M; Raghuvanshi S; Kang H.K.
2021Lacidipine Prevents Scopolamine-Induced Memory Impairment by Reducing Brain Oxido-nitrosative Stress in MiceKhurana K; Kumar M; Bansal N
2019Landslide detection device using global positioning system module sensor technologySingh S; Gupta S; Gupta R; Singla K.
6-Nov-2017Language Complexity and Multilingual Education in India – A Policy PerspectiveBHASKARAN, RESMI P
2020Language pattern and content variation in private Hindi radio FMs: A studyGarg P; Mishra A.
6-Aug-2018Laser Radiation Effects on AdenineHallado, L.X.; Poveda, J.C.; Prieto, E.; Guerrero, A.; Álvarez, I.
31-Jul-2015Lateral Integration of Architectural Theory in Design Studio Pedagogy during the Early Years of Architecture Education – A Trans-disciplinary ApproachRAJINI ITHAM, MAHAJAN; SUNBUL, SHAFAQUE
2019Latest tools for data mining and machine learningVerma K; Bhardwaj S; Arya R; Ul Islam M.S; Bhushan M; Kumar A; Samant P.
2020Latest trends and techniques of multibanding in Microstrip patch antennas for wireless applicationsGeetanjali; Kaushik A; Singh A; Malik V.
2019Latest Trends in Recommender Systems 2017Singh P.; Ahuja S; Jain S.
2021Layer-Based Attacks in the Ternary Planes of Software-Defined NetworkingVandana; Navdeep Kaur
2020Leader�Member Exchange, Work Engagement, and Psychological Withdrawal Behavior: The Mediating Role of Psychological EmpowermentAggarwal A; Chand P.K; Jhamb D; Mittal A.
2019Leakage power consumption of address register interfacing with different families of FPGAPandey B; Kumar K; Ahmad S; Pandit A.K; Singh D; Akbar Hussain D.M.
2021The learning approaches using Augmented Reality in learning environments: Meta-AnalysisNeha Tuli; Archana Mantri; Shivam Sharma; Gurwinder Singh; Shubham Gargrish; Bhanu Sharma
2020Leucettamine B analogs and their carborane derivative as potential anti-cancer agents: Design, synthesis, and biological evaluationHsu M.-H; Hsieh C.-Y; Kapoor M; Chang J.-H; Chu H.-L; Cheng T.-M; Hsu K.-C; Lin T.E; Tsai F.-Y; Horng J.-C.
2-Feb-2014Level Statistics of SU(3)↔SU(3)Transitional RegionP, H. Sabri; Gavifekr, Hossein Nezhade; Ranjbar, Z.; Fouladi, N.