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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021ICN-Based Enhanced Cooperative Caching for Multimedia Streaming in Resource Constrained Vehicular EnvironmentGupta D; Rani S; Ahmed S H; Garg S
25-Sep-2015ICT Integration in Teaching and Learning: Empowerment of Education with TechnologyKler, Shikha
2021Identification of Gray Sheep Using Different Clustering AlgorithmsKaur B; Rani S.
2017Identification of malicious edge devices in fog computing environmentsSandhu R; Sohal A.S; Sood S.K.
Jun-2021Identification of Ocular Structural and Functional Markers for Prediabetes and Diabetes MellitusChande, Prema K
2017Identification of poor visibility conditions in urban settingsGudwani H; Singh V.J; Mahajan S; Mittal D; Das A.
2017Identification of requirements of software reengineering for JAVA projectsSingh J; Gupta A; Singh J.
2020Identification of Salient Attributes in Social Network: A Data Mining ApproachMittal R.
2-Oct-2017Identification of Success Factors for Indian HealthcareDAS, SUNIL
2020Identifying biometrics in the wild � A time, erosion and neural inspired framework for gait identificationSingh J; Goyal G.
2020Identifying the Drivers in the Adoption of Technology in Online Teaching, Learning and Assessment of an Undergraduate Architectural ProgramKanika Bansa, Harveen Bhandari, Urvashi Tandon, Amit Mittal
2017IFRS implementation - An institutional theory perspectiveSingh B; Inder S.
3-Jun-2013Image Compression Using an Efficient Hybrid AlgorithmSharma, Sandhya; Bhat, Urvashi
2019Image enhancement: Application of dehazing and color correction for enhancement of nighttime low illumination imageLenka R; Khandual A; Dutta K; Nayak S.R.
2021Image Fusion Techniques: A SurveyKaur H; Koundal D; Kadyan V
28-Jun-2017Image Processing Techniques: A ReviewRani, Neetu
2022Image quality enhancement for Wheat rust diseased images using Histogram equalization techniqueNikhil Garg; Thakur Gurjeet Singh; Heena khan; Sandeep Arora; Amarjot Kaur; Ashi Mannan
2021Image retrieval system-an integrated approachChugh H; Gupta S; Garg M.
2018Image-adaptive watermarking using maximum likelihood decoder for medical imagesBhinder P; Singh K; Jindal N.
25-Feb-2014Impact of A Remedial Strategy on Trigonometrical Error Patterns- A Case StudyKumar, Khushvinder; Kumar, Gaurav