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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Sep-2014H2 - Y2 Reactions (Y = Cl, Br, I): A Comparative and Mechanistic AspectSharma, Suresh Kumar
2019Handheld device based on image processing technique for detecting multiple diseases of apple leavesSingh S; Gupta S; Gupta R.
2020Handling Unknown Words in Neural Machine Translation SystemGarg K.D; Gupta J; Saini V.
2019Handwritten Digit Recognition Using Machine Learning: A ReviewShrivastava A; Jaggi I; Gupta S; Gupta D.
2017Harmonic minimization in a modified cascaded multilevel inverter for islanded microgrid using two switching techniquesSandhu M; Thakur T.
2018Harmonic Minimization in Modified Multilevel Inverter for Hybrid Renewable Energy SourcesSandhu M; Thakur T.
2020HDAC in obesity: A critical insightNijhawan P; Behl T; Khullar G; Pal G; Kandhwal M; Goyal A.
2019Heat transfer analysis of solid and perforated fins in regular arrangementGupta R; Singh V; Gupta S; Gupta D.
6-Feb-2017Heavy-ion Fusion Cross Sections of 32S on 90,96Zr Targets Using Coulomb and Proximity PotentialSANTHOSH, K. P.; JOSE, V. BOBBY
2021Heparanase inhibitors in cancer progression: Recent advancesKaur R; Deb P K; Diwan V; Saini B
2021Heparanase Inhibitors in Cancer Progression: Recent AdvancesMs Shivani Sood; Dr Harjeet Singh; Dr Muthukumaran Malarvel
2017A heterogeneous speech feature vectors generation approach with hybrid hmm classifiersKadyan V; Mantri A; Aggarwal R.K.
26-Jul-2019Heuristic and swarm intelligence based routing protocal stack to resolve the heterogeneity issues of internet of thingsAgnihotri, Shailja
2019Hexagonal shaped slot antenna resonant frequency determination using ANN approachKumar R; Kumar P; Vijay R.
2019Hidden markov model based punjabi to english machine transliteration systemGarg K.D; Singh U; Gupta S.
8-Aug-2016Higgs Sector with Spontaneous CP Violation in S(3) Standard ModelGUEVARA, J. E. BARRADAS; BELTRÁN, O. FÉLIX; JÁUREGUI, E. RODRÍGUEZ
2020High heel shoes with adjustable height of the heelKumar N; Panda S.N; Kaushal R.K.
2019High isolation superwideband monopole antenna with mitigation of dual interfering bands (WiMAX/C and satellite communication system in X band) for wireless applicationsKapil M; Sharma M.
2-Jun-2019High performance work system and job satisfaction as determinants of organizational citizenship behaviour in FMCG industrySingh, Jitendra Pratap
2020High Rejection plus Shape Radiating Patch Triple Notched UWB/X Band Reconfigurable Monopole Antenna for Imaging and Close Range Radar ApplicationsKumar N; Kumar P; Sharma M.