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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Gaming addiction to massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs) and quality of lifeThakur D; Shergill K; Kaur G; Kaur S; Abrol D; Singh H; Gill A.
6-Aug-2018Gamma Dosimetry Using Some Dyes in Organic Solvents Solutions at 295 and 77 KMelendez-Lopez, A L; Paredes-Arriaga, A; Cruz-Castaneda, J; Negron-Mendoza, A; Ramos-Bernal, S; Colin-Garcia, M; Heredia, A
2-Feb-2015Gamma Photon Exposure Buildup Factors for Some Spin Ice Compounds Using G-P Fitting MethodSingh, V. P.; Badiger, N. M.
6-Aug-2018Gamma Radiation Doses Effects on Mechanical Properties and Microwave Absorption Capacity of Rubber Doped ConcreteColín, J.; Castillo, F.; Peralta-Abarca, J.C.; Leal, B.; Flores, O.; Gamboa, I.; Martínez, H.
2020GAN-based synthetic data augmentation for increased CNN performance in Vehicle Number Plate RecognitionKukreja V; Kumar D; Kaur A; Geetanjali; Sakshi
4-Apr-2016Gaps in Knowledge and Awareness Related to Equipment Safety Among Nursing Personnel Working in Pediatric and Neonatal Medical- Surgical Icus at Tertiary Care HospitalJOSHI, POONAM; S, RAGHAVAN; M, JOSHI
2017Gauge Theory and spontaneous breaking of symmetry in superconductorsGupta M; Gupta P.
3-Mar-2014Gender Related Effects of Co-Operative Learning Strategies (Stad And Tai) on Mathematics AchievementGupta, Madhu; Jain, Manju
2021Gendering Products Through Advertisements: A Review (1973�2019) of Various Cues Employed by AdvertisersSandhu N.
30-Mar-2015A Generalised Family of Estimator for Estimating Unknown Variance Using Two Auxiliary VariablesSingh, Viplav Kumar; Singh, Rajesh
30-Sep-2015Generalised Synthetic Estimator Using Double Sampling Scheme and Auxiliary InformationShashi, Bahl; Sangeeta
2018Generation of binary mask of retinal fundus image using bimodal maskingGarg M; Gupta S.
2021Genetic Diversity of SARS-CoV2 and Environmental Settings: Possible Association with Neurological DisordersHasana S; Hossain M F; Jalouli M; Kabir M T; Uddin M G; Wahed M I I; Behl T; Bin-Jumah M N; Abdel-Daim M M; Aleya L; Uddin M S
2020Genetic-Inspired Map Matching Algorithm for Real-Time GPS TrajectoriesSingh S; Singh J; Sehra S.S.
14-Jan-2015Geographical Structures and Urban-Rural Settlements: A Design for the Sarno River and its PlainLucci, Rejana
2020Gesture-based model of mixed reality human-computer interfaceKumar A; Mantri A.
2018Gini coefficient based wealth distribution in the bitcoin network: A case studyGupta M; Gupta P.
5-Mar-2018Giving Students Respect: One of the Great Soft Skills of Teaching and LearningBURNS, E A
2020Gold nanoparticles-boon in cancer theranosticsJindal M; Nagpal M; Singh M; Aggarwal G; Dhingra G A
26-Feb-2018Goodness of Generalized Seniority in Even-even Sn IsotopesMaheshwari, Bhoomika