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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Fabrication of visible light active BiFeO3/CuS/SiO2 Z-scheme photocatalyst for efficient dye degradationDutta V; Sharma S; Raizada P; Hosseini-Bandegharaei A; Kaushal J; Singh P.
2019Face recognition: Literature review with emphasis on deep learningMoghekar R; Ahuja S.
2020Factors associated with increased morbidity and mortality of obese and overweight COVID-19 patientsBeshbishy A.M; Hetta H.F; Hussein D.E; Saati A.A; Uba C.C; Rivero-Perez N; Zaragoza-Bastida A; Shah M.A; Behl T; Batiha G.E.-S.
2019FADU-EV an automated framework for pre-release emotive analysis of theatrical trailersSingh J; Goyal G; Gupta S.
2017The fallacy of profitability through loyalty in Banking: The growing importance of acquiring a new customerVashishtha S; Sharma S.
30-Sep-2015A Family of Unbiased Modified Linear Regression EstimatorsJ., SUBRAMANI
2019Fast and accurate synthesis of frequency reconfigurable slot antenna using back propagation networkKumar R; Kumar P; Singh S; Vijay R.
2019Fast network path restoration through modified finite state machine model in border gateway protocolBaggan V; Prasad D; Kaur P.
2020Fatty acid synthase inhibition ameliorates diabetes induced liver injury in rodent experimental modelShanu Bhardwaj; S N Panda; Priyanka Datta
30-Dec-2014Fbb Cmos Tapered Buffer With Optimal Vth SelectionKAUR, HARPREET; SINGH, AJAYPAL; GUPTA, LIPIKA
2021Feature Selection in Machine Learning: Methods and ComparisonAmandeep Kaur; Kalpna Guleria; Naresh Kumar Trivedi
30-Mar-2016Fibonacci and k Lucas Sequences as Series of FractionsGODASE, A. D.; DHAKNE, M. B.
2019Financial performance in Maruti SuzukiNarayanan R; Sharma S.
2017Financial risk assessment and management by banks: Evidences from past researchKaur G; Sharma R.
2021Fingerprint and Face-Based Secure Biometric Authentication System Using Optimized Robust FeaturesVandana Kaur N.
3-Mar-2014Finite Groups with Two Class Sizes of Some ElementsKong, Qingjun
2020Firefly optimization-based segmentation technique to analyse medical images of breast cancerKaushal C; Kaushal K; Singla A.
24-Dec-2006First Annual Connvocation - 2006, Chitkara University, PunjabLahoti, Justice R. C.
22-Feb-2014Fission dynamics: the quest of a temperature dependent nuclear viscosityVardaci, E.; Brondi, A.; Rana, G. La; Moro, R.; Nitto, A. Di; Nadtochy, P.N.; Cinausero, M.; Prete, G.; Gelli, N.; Kozulin, E. M.; Knyazheva, G.N.
2-Feb-2013Fission in Rapidly Rotating NucleiKumar, A. K. Rhine; Suram, Vinay