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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer: The key for survivalGheorghe G; Bungau S; Ilie M; Behl T; Vesa C.M; Brisc C; Bacalbasa N; Turi V; Costache R.S; Diaconu C.C.
2-Nov-2017Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever: Recent Update On Disease Status, Current Therapies And Advances In TreatmentSINGH, JASKARAN; KOMA, THAPA; ARORA, SANDEEP; KAUR, AMARJOT; SINGH, THAKUR GURJEET
6-Mar-2018Eco-management of Wastewater by ZESTPPrajapati, Uday Bhan; Srivastav, Arun Lal; Wajih, Shiraz A.
2021Ecofriendly and Enhanced photocatalytic degradation of Indigo dye by graphene oxide nanoparticlesInderjeet Singh Sandhu; Mansi Chitkara; Gulshan Dhillon; Sakshi Rana; Aashish Kumar
2020Edge and region segmentation in high-resolution aerial images using improved kernel density estimation: A hybrid approachMalarvel M; Nayak S.R.
1-Mar-2018Edge Vertex Prime Labeling for K2,n and K3,n GraphsPARMAR, YAMINI M
3-Mar-2014Education: An Instrument to Enhance Women Empowerment and Inclusive GrowthJha, Bhavesh
3-Sep-2018Educational Development Index of Bihar: Towards Better TomorrowSingh, Chandra B P
8-Feb-2016EDXRF Analysis of Some Fungal Species for the Uptake Capacity of 28Ni, 48Cd, and 82Pb Metal Ions From Aqueous SolutionKumar, Sunil; Kumar, Raman; MEHTA, D.
25-Feb-2014EFA's Goal 5: Assessing Gender Parity and Equality In Education: Uninished Agenda for 21st CenturyChoudhary, Nidhi
2020Effect of A-site substitution and calcination temperature in Fe3O4 spinel ferritesDhillon G; Kumar N; Chitkara M; Sandhu I.S.
29-Jun-2015Effect of Aggregate Flakiness on the Compressive Strength of Concrete CubesKumar, Himanshu; Dhoke, Malviya Rahul; Pathak, K.K.
2-Aug-2014Effect of Al and Mg Doping on Optical Properties of ZnO Thin Films Prepared by Spin CoatingYusuf, G. T; Efunwole, H.O; Raimi, M.A; Alaje, O.E
2021Effect of anisotropy on creep of rotating functionally graded disc with varying thicknessBose T; Chamoli N; Rattan M; Gupta K.
2020Effect of blended learning on academic achievements and attitude of nursing students: A systematic reviewKanika; Kaur H.
2019Effect of blink rate among visual display terminal and non-visual display terminal userZaman M.N; Singh V.
2020Effect of co-administration of herbal extracts with copper nanoparticles: A novel two-pronged approach in treating type 2 diabetesSingh S; Singh S K; Kumar B; Kaur B; Khursheed R; Gulati M; Pandey N K; Prabhakar P K; Baghel D S; Porwal O; Awasthi A; Kumar R; Gupta S; Wadhwa S; Corrie L
2019Effect of colony collapse disorder on honeybeesGupta D; Chauhan H; Gupta S; Gupta R.
6-Sep-2018Effect of Copper Substitution, Calcination Temperature, and Photo-sensitizers on Photocatalytic Activity of Cu0.05Zn0.95OSoni, Suyog A.; Jadhav, Vikram R.; Kere, Tushar A.
1-Sep-2017Effect of Deformation on Semi–infinite Viscothermoelastic Cylinder Based on Five Theories of Generalized ThermoelasticitySHARMA, D. K.; MITTAL, HIMANI; SHARMA, SITA RAM; PARKASH, INDER