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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Caching policies in NDN-IoT architectureGupta D; Rani S; Ahmed S.H; Hussain R.
20-Aug-2014Calcium Hardness Analysis of Water Samples Using EDXRF TechniqueDeep, Kanan
2-Feb-2015Calculating the energy of electron in H-atom using modified SUSY physicsSeshavatharam, U. V. S.; Lakshminarayana, S.
2020Can Vitamins, as Epigenetic Modifiers, Enhance Immunity in COVID-19 Patients with Non-communicable Disease?Singh V.
2018Capacitive Analysis of Hetero Material Gate PNIN-DG-TFET over Diverge Temperature Range for Superior RF/Microwave PerformanceKaur R; Madan J; Sharma R; Pandey R; Chaujar R.
2017Capacity enhancement using MU-MIMO in vehicular ad hoc networkKhurana M; Ramakrishna C; Panda S.N.
2020Carbon Credit Issuance: Accounting Based Financial PerformanceKumar P; Mittal A; Firoz M.
30-Mar-2015Carbon Footprint of Public Transportation – A Case Study of Religious Tourism to Shri Mata Vaishano Devi Shrine in Katra, Jammu and Kashmir, India.Goswami, Deepika; Kumar, Rakesh
2018Carbon quantum dots: Synthesis, characterization and biomedical applications [Karbon kuantum noktalar?: Sentez, karakterizasyon ve biyomedikauygulamalar]Singh I; Arora R; Dhiman H; Pahwa R.
2020Cardiovascular risk and statin therapy considerations in womenGheorghe G; Toth P.P; Bungau S; Behl T; Ilie M; Stoian A.P; Bratu O.G; Bacalbasa N; Rus M; Diaconu C.C.
2021A case study: Analysis of patents on coronaviruses and covid-19 for technological assessment and future researchMusyuni P; Aggarwal G; Nagpal M; Goyal R K
2021Case study: Student�s response towards online learning in engineering education during COVID-19 pandemicKaur R; Garg A; Kaur P.
2020A case-based analysis of the competitiveness of the North Indian sugar industrySheetal; Singh R; Shashi; Kumar R.
2018Cattle health monitoring system using wireless sensor network: A survey from innovation perspectiveSharma B; Koundal D.
2020A causal study on gold, SENSEX, and gold exchange traded fundsVerma R; Dhiman D.
2021CDMA-Based Security Against Wormhole Attack in Underwater Wireless Sensor NetworksGoyal N; Sandhu J.K; Verma L.
2019Central composite designed ezetimibe solid dispersion for dissolution enhancement: Synthesis and in vitro evaluationSharma N; Singh S.
2020Central composite designed solid dispersion for dissolution enhancement of fluvastatin sodium by kneading techniqueSingh S; Sharma N; Kaur G.
2020Cerium substituted hydroxyapatite mesoporous nanorods: Synthesis and characterization for drug delivery applicationsSingh G; Jolly S.S; Singh R.P.
30-Mar-2015Certain Characterizations of Tight Gabor Frames on Local FieldsABDULLAH, ABDULLAH