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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Apr-2016Barriers to availing refractive error services among an urban slum population in Mumbai, IndiaCHANDE, PREMA K; VORA, URMI
2020Barriers to the Adoption of Technology in Learning and Assessment of Undergraduate Architecture StudentsBhandari H; Tandon U; Bansal K; Mittal A.
1-Sep-2014Bayes estimation of change point in the count data model: a Particular case of Discrete Burr Type III DistributionPandya, Mayuri; Pandya, Smita
5-Sep-2016Bayesian Estimation of Augmented Exponential Strength Reliability Models Under Non-informative PriorsChandra, N.; RATHAUR, V. K
30-Mar-2015Bayesian Method in Linear Model and Constant Time Series Model Using Non-Informative Prior Under PhenologyPANDEY, VIJAY KUMAR; PANDEY, RAJEEV; TRIVEDI, MAYANK
25-Feb-2014Bayesian Repetitive Deferred Sampling Plan Indexed Through Relative SlopesSuresh, K.K.; Umamaheswari, S.; Veerakumari, K. Pradeepa
3-Aug-2015Beam Behaviour and Magnetic Field of K500 SCCSingh, Vinay; Dutta, A; Agarwal, A; Das, C; Naik, B; Naser, Z A; Paul, S; Bhunia, U; Pradhan, J; Debnabnath, J
2020Behavioral red flags of fraud: a gender-based ex post analysisSandhu N.
2019Behaviour of players on IPL based on fuzzy C meansJain S.S; Gupta R; Tiwari C; Kaur N.
2020Behavioural Red Flags of Fraud: An Ex Post Assessment of Types and FrequenciesSandhu N.
6-Jan-2016‘Beltola Lilies’ – A Solution of Housing for Lower Income People and Introduction of A Module for Flooded AreasAMAN, JAYEDI; RAHMAN, NABEELA NUSHAIRA; ZAHIR, SHEHZAD
3-Mar-2014Benard-Marangoni Convection with Free Slip Bottom and Mixed Thermal Boundary ConditionsGupta, A. K.; Surya, D.
2020A benchmark dataset of online handwritten gurmukhi script words and numeralsSingh H; Sharma R.K; Kumar R; Verma K; Kumar R; Kumar M.
2019Beneficial effect of sitagliptin on high fat diet induced obesity in wistar ratsKhushwaha S; Behl T; PandeyR.K; Kamboj A; Babu A; Goyal A.
24-Feb-2014BER Performance in Digital Video Broadcasting-Terrestrial for Inner and outer Interleaving Using 64 QAMChugh, Himani
2021Bibliometric Analysis of MOOC using Bibliometrix Package of RRamneet; Deepali Gupta; Mani Madhukar
2018Big data application in medical domainKaushal C; Koundal D.
2020Big Data based Adaptive Learning and Scope of Automation in Actionable KnowledgeKotturu P.K; Kumar A.
2019Big data clustering and hadoop distributed file system architectureAhlawat D; Gupta D.
6-Feb-2017Binary Fission fragmentation of 184 466,476XSubramanian, S.; Karthikraj, C.; Selvaraj, S.