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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021A UWB-X Band With Three Notched Filters Inheriting High Isolation 2�2 MIMO Antenna Designed for High Speed Wireless ApplicationsSharma M; Ahuja R; Haque MJ
2019Validation of machine learning models for health insurance risks assessmentSingh A; Ramkumar K.R.
2019Validity and reliability of hindi translated version of Montreal cognitive assessment in older adultsGupta M; Gupta V; Nagar Buckshee R; Sharma V.
28-Dec-2019Valuation of Art as an Investment: A Study on Miniature Paintings in IndiaGhosh, Sourabh
5-Mar-2017Variance Estimation Using Quality CharacteristicMISHRA, PRABHAKAR; SINGH, RAJESH
2020Variations in the chemical composition of the essential oil of Lavandula angustifolia Mill., Moldoveanca 4 Romanian varietyBogdan M; Bungau S; Tit D.M; Copolovici L; Behl T; Otrisal P.; Aleya L; Cioca G; Berescu D; Uivarosan D; Copolovici D.M.
17-Dec-2015Vehicular Adhoc Network – A ReviewSINGH, SATPAL; SINGH, JASPREET
2021Vibration Response-Based Intelligent Non-Contact Fault Diagnosis of BearingsGoyal D; Dhami S.S; Pabla B.S.
2017Video capturing and streaming over Ad-Hoc networksKathuria A; Panda S.N.
2020Video Processing Using Data MiningSinghal K; Anand A.
2019Video watermarking scheme based on IDR frames using MPEG-2 structureAhuja R; Bedi S.S.
24-Feb-2014Viewscape Assessment Framework for Protecting the Views of Sacred Monuments: Comparative Study of Srirangam and Thanjavur Religious TownsGopalakrishnan, P.; Tadepalli, Srinivas
2019Virtual reality among the elderly: A usefulness and acceptance study from TaiwanSyed-Abdul S; Malwade S; Nursetyo A.A; Sood M
2021Virtual reality learning environment for enhancing electronics engineering laboratory experienceSingh G; Mantri A; Sharma O; Kaur R
2020Vision tracking and optical character recognition for augmented reality based attendance systemKaur D.P; Mantri A.
2019Visual defects in hearing-challenged schoolchildren from Ludhiana, PunjabThakur R; Jayakumar J; Pant S.
2021Vulnerability Assessment, Risk, and Challenges Associated with Automated Vehicles Based on Artificial IntelligenceSingh A.R; Singh H; Anand A.
2019WBSN based safe lifestyle: A case study of heartrate monitoring systemVidhyotma; Singh J.
2020Webinars: An assistive tool used by higher education educators during Covid19 case studyKumar A; Malhotra S; Katoch A; Sarathkar A; Manocha A.