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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A 1.1 ?W biopotential amplifier based on bulk-driven quasi-floating gate technique with extremely low-value of offset voltageSharma P; Sharma K; Jatana H.S; Madan J; Pandey R; Sharma R.
26-Feb-20115th Annual Convocation 2011, Chitkara University, PunjabFiehn, Dr. Vita Andreas
6-Sep-2018Absolute Mean Graceful Labeling in Path Union of Various GraphsKaneria, V. J.; Chudasama, H. P.; Andharia, P. P.
25-Feb-2014Academic Excellence in Technical InstitutionsGupta, B. L.; Gupta, Meenakshi
2019Academic performance prediction using data mining techniques: Identification of influential factors effecting the academic performance in undergrad professional courseKamal P; Ahuja S.
6-Sep-2017Accessibility of Water Among Scheduled Castes in Rural Punjab Issues and ChallengesDuggal, Bindu
2019Accounting for certified emission reductions (CERs) in India: An analysis of the disclosure and reporting practices within the financial statementsKumar P; Firoz M.
6-Mar-2017Achievement in Mathematics of Ninth Class Government School Students in Relation to Their Parental InvolvementKAUR, KIRANJIT
2017Activated carbon: A potential applicant for solid-state hydrogen storageOberoi A.S; Singh B; Remeli M.F; Singh N.
31-Jul-2015Adding the Third Dimension to Building Construction Technology in Architecture EducationRAHUL, DESHPANDE; KOMAL, THAKUR; TANUSHRI, KAMBLE
2019Adopting strategic management in higher education in India: Need, challenges and ideasSawhney S; Kumar K; Gupta A.
2021Advanced dosage form design: Role of modified natural gumsDevi G; Kaur M; Nagpal M; Sharma A; Puri V; Dhingra G A; Arora M
24-Feb-2014Advances in Magnetofection Magnetically Guided Nucleic Acid Delivery: a ReviewGupta, Girish; Arora, Sandeep; Singh, Sukhbir; Singh, Neelam
2021Affect recognition using brain signals: A surveyArya R; Kumar A; Bhushan M.
2020AFTSMS:Automatic Fleet Tracking Scheduling Management SystemKukreja V; Marwaha A; Sareen B; Modgil A.
6-Aug-2018Agent Based Model of the Cytosine Radiation Induced ReactionRivera, A L; Ramos-Beltran, S; Paredes-Arriaga, A; Negron-Mendoza, A
8-Aug-2016Agent-based Model of Oxidation Reactions of Ferrous IonsRivera, A. L.; Bernal, A, S. Ramos; Mendoza, A. Negrón
2020Agile supply chain management: where did it come from and where will it go in the era of digital transformation?Shashi; Centobelli P; Cerchione R; Ertz M.
24-Feb-2014Airport Business Districts - An Indispensable RealityGrover, Ashok