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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Anticipating movie success through crowdsourced social media videosSingh J; Goyal G.
2020Artificial Intelligence and IoT based Monitoring of Poultry Health: A ReviewSingh M; Kumar R; Tandon D; Sood P; Sharma M.
2021Classification and recognition of online hand-written alphabets using machine learning methodsPopli R; Kansal I; Garg A; Goyal N; Garg K.
2021Comparative Study to Detect Driver DrowsinessJaspreet Singh Bajaj; Naveen Kumar; Rajesh Kumar Kaushal
2021COVID-19 Pandemic: Role of Machine Learning & Deep Learning Methods in DiagnosisNaresh Kumar Trivedi; Sanjeev Kumar Sharma; Sarita Simaiya; Umesh Kumar Lilhore
2021Detection of shilling attack in recommender system for YouTube video statistics using machine learning techniquesRani S; Kaur M; Kumar M; Ravi V; Ghosh U; Mohanty J R
2019FADU-EV an automated framework for pre-release emotive analysis of theatrical trailersSingh J; Goyal G; Gupta S.
2021Hybrid Weighted Random Forests Method for Prediction & Classification of Online Buying CustomersUmesh Kumar Lilhore,
2018Hybridized active learning model based on most certain and uncertain label selectionKaur S; Singla A.
2021Mri brain tumour detection & image segmentation by hybrid hierarchical k-means clustering with fcm based machine learning modelSimaiya S; Lilhore U K; Prasad D; Verma D K
2021NORA and RODS the two Data Mining Technologies for National Security-A ReviewPuneet Kaur; Deepika Chaudhary; Jaiteg Singh
2021A novel approach for smart-healthcare recommender systemSharma R; Rani S.
2019Review on face recognition by machine learning and deep learning approachesJain P; Gupta S; Ramkumar K.R.
2021Rice diseases detection using Convolutional Neural Networks: A SurveyRishabh sharma; Vinay Kukreja; Virender Kadyan
2020A smart approach for fire prediction under uncertain conditions using machine learningSharma R; Rani S; Memon I.
2018A study of tree based machine learning techniques for restaurant reviewsShina; Sharma S; Singla A.
2020A systematic review of the machine learning algorithms for the computational analysis in different domainsChahar R; Kaur D.