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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019An automated approach for quality assessment of openstreetmap dataKaur J; Singh J.
2020Comparative study on machine learning models for early diagnose of Alzheimer's Disease: Multi correlation methodKotturu P.K; Kumar A.
2020Connected component analysis with rnn for performing secured data management with hidden data in finger printsKumar A; Rani R; Sharma N; Purohit S.
2021Emerging trends in machine learning to predict crop yield & study its influential factors: A SurveyNishu Bali; Anshu Singla
2021The impact of COVID-19 epidemic on indian economy unleashed by machine learningGarg K.D; Gupta M; Kumar M.
2017Machine learning and its applications: A reviewAngra S; Ahuja S.
2020Machine Learning Implementation on Medical Domain to Identify Disease Insights using TMSSasubilli S.M; Kumar A; Dutt V.
2020Machine learning technique for wireless sensor networksKaur R; Kaur Sandhu J; Sapra L.
2021Microsatellite instability in gastrointestinal cancer using deep learning: A reviewDahiya N; Gupta S; Garg M.
2020Outbreak Trends of Coronavirus Disease-2019 in India: A PredictionTiwari S; Kumar S; Guleria K.
2020Predicting Annual Rainfall for the Indian State of Punjab Using Machine Learning TechniquesKaushik S; Bhardwaj A; Sapra L.
2021Prediction of the Mortality Rate and Framework for Remote Monitoring of Pregnant Women based on IoTShalli Rani
2020Quantum neural networks for dynamic route identification to avoid trafficBoyapati S; Swarna S.R; Kumar A.
2019Stress detection using machine learning classifiers in internet of things environmentSharma R; Rani S; Gupta D.
2020Study of game theory mechanism for effective sentimental analysis using natural language processingSwarna S.R; Boyapati S; Kumar A.
2019System model for prediction analytics using /(-nearest neighbors algorithmPrasad D; Kumar Goyal S; Sharma A; Bindal A; Singh Kushwah V.
2019System model for smart precision farming for high crop yieldingPrasad D; Singla K; Baggan V; Achal
2020Transfer learning for breast cancer classification using small dataset of ultrasound imagesKaur M; Khullar V; Singh H.P.
2020Weight based-artificial neural network (W-ann) for predicting dengue using machine learning approach with Indian perspectiveKapoor R; Kadyan V; Ahuja S.