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2-Feb-2014Potential of Some Fungal and Bacterial Species in Bioremediation of Heavy MetalsKumar, Raman; Sharma, Anil K; Singh, Prem; Dhir, Bhupinder; Mehta, Devinder
2-Feb-2014Elemental Analysis of Soil Samples Using Thick Target-Particle Induced X-Ray Emission (Tt-Pixe) TechniqueKumar, Sunil; Mehta, D.; Kumar, Sunil
2-Feb-2014Extensions of Natural Radioactivity to 4th-Type and of the Periodic Table to Super-heavy Nuclei: Contribution of Raj K Gupta to Cold Nuclear PhenomenaSingh, BirBikram; Kumar, Sushil; Sharma, Manoj K.; Patra, S. K.
2-Feb-2014Characterization of Zinc Nanoferrite Doped HPMC Polymers Using X-Ray DiffractionMahadevaiah, Mahadevaiah; G, Thejas Urs; Somashekar, R; Demappa, T
2-Feb-2014Energy Dependence of Parameters Characterizing Multiply Backscattering of Gamma PhotonsSabharwal, Arvind D; Singh, Bhajan; Sandhu, B.S.
2-Feb-2014Synthesis and Crystallization Studies of Thermo-plastic Polyster/Titania NanocompositesAgrawal, Harshita; Agarwal, Shalini; Saraswat, Vibhav K.; Saraswat, Yogendra K.; Awasthi, Kamlendra
22-Feb-2014Applications of Hubble volume in atomic physics, nuclear physics, particle physics, quantum physics and cosmic physicsSeshavatharam, U. V. S.; Lakshminarayana, S.
22-Feb-2014Alignment Studies for Tungsten Near L3 Sub-Shell Threshold Via Theoretical, Experimental and Empirical MethodsSharma, Ajay; Mittal, Raj
22-Feb-2014Surface wear studies in some materials using α-induced reactionsSingh, Devendra P.; Sharma, Vijay R.; Yadav, Abhishek; Unnati, Unnati; Singh, B. P.; Prasad, R.; Singh, Pushpendra P.; Sharma, M. K.; Bhardwaj, H. D.
22-Feb-2014Prospects of Dark Matter Direct Search under Deep Sea Water in IndiaSingh, V.; Subrahmanyam, V. S.; Singh, L.; Singh, M. K.; Sharma, V.; Chouhan, N. S.; Jaiswal, M. K.; Soma, A. K.
22-Feb-2014Partial as Well as Total Photon Interaction Effective Atomic Numbers for Some ConcretesSingh, Tejbir; ingh, Parjit S. S
22-Feb-2014Cluster radioactivity in 127IBalasubramaniam, M.; Manimaran, K.
22-Feb-2014Third harmonic generation of a short pulse laser in a tunnel ionizing plasma: Effect of self-defocusingKant, Niti
22-Feb-2014Fission dynamics: the quest of a temperature dependent nuclear viscosityVardaci, E.; Brondi, A.; Rana, G. La; Moro, R.; Nitto, A. Di; Nadtochy, P.N.; Cinausero, M.; Prete, G.; Gelli, N.; Kozulin, E. M.; Knyazheva, G.N.
22-Feb-2014Elemental analysis of nanomaterial using photon-atom interaction based EDXRF techniqueKumar, Sanjeev; Kumar, Arun; Chitkara, Mansi; Snadhu, I.S.; Mehta, Devinder
24-Feb-2014In Vitro Anti-Staphylococcal Activity of Alkaloids from the Leaves of Callistemon Rigidus R.Br.Gomber, Charu; Saxena, Sanjai
24-Feb-2014Surfactants: Pharmaceutical and Medicinal AspectsSekhon, Bhupinder Singh
24-Feb-2014Modified Excipients in Novel Drug Delivery: Need of the DayKanojia, Neha; Kaur, Loveleen; Nagpal, Manju; Bala, Rajni
24-Feb-2014Synthesis and Pharmacological Evaluation of Some Novel Imidazole Derivatives for Their Potential Anti-Hypertensive ActivityGoyal, Anju; Singh, Jitender; Pathak, Dharam Pal
24-Feb-2014Investigation of the Effects of Cellulose Derivatives on the Kinetics of Drug Release from Cellulose-Based Hydrogel Using a Response Surface MethodLefnaoui, S.; Mostefa, N. Moulai