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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Analytical analysis of shadow removing algorithms over land use and land cover classificationSood V; Singh S.
2021Detection and validation of spatiotemporal snow cover variability in the Himalayas using Ku-band (13.5 GHz) SCATSAT-1 dataSingh S; Tiwari R K; Sood V; Gusain H S
2021Detection of snow/ice cover changes using subpixel-based change detection approach over Chhota-Shigri glacier, Western Himalaya, IndiaSood V; Gusain H.S; Gupta S; Taloor A.K; Singh S.
2019An efficient algorithm for detection of seasonal snow cover variations over undulating North Indian Himalayas, IndiaSingh S; Sood V; Kaur R; Prashar S.
2020Evaluation of SCATSAT-1 data for snow cover area mapping over a part of Western HimalayasSood V; Gusain H.S; Gupta S; Singh S; Kaur S.
2019Performance Assessment of Different Topographic Correction Techniques over Subpixel ClassificationSood V; Gupta S; Gusain H.S; Singh S.
2021Qualitative and quantitative analysis of topographically derived CVA algorithms using MODIS and Landsat-8 data over Western Himalayas, IndiaSingh S; Sood V; Taloor A.K; Prashar S; Kaur R.
2020Response of topographic control on nearest-neighbor diffusion-based pan-sharpening using multispectral MODIS and AWiFS satellite datasetSingh S; Sood V; Prashar S; Kaur R.
2018Spatial and Quantitative Comparison of Topographically Derived Different Classification Algorithms Using AWiFS Data over Himalayas, IndiaSood V; Gupta S; Gusain H.S; Singh S.
2021Topographic controls on subpixel change detection in western HimalayasSood V; Gupta S; Gusain H S; Singh S; Taloor A K
2021Topographically derived subpixel-based change detection for monitoring changes over rugged terrain Himalayas using AWiFS dataSood V; Gusain H S; Gupta S; Singh S