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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Analysis of Breast Cancer for Histological Dataset Based on Different Feature Extraction and Classification AlgorithmsKaushal C; Singla A.
2020Architecture for Garbage Monitoring System using Integrated Technologies with Short Literature SurveyKirti, Kaushal C.; Singla A.
2020Automated segmentation technique with self-driven post-processing for histopathological breast cancer imagesKaushal C; Singla A.
2019Comparative analysis of segmentation techniques using histopathological images of breast cancerKaushal C; Koundal D; Singla A.
2019Context-sensitive thresholding technique using ABC for aerial imagesKirti; Singla A.
2020Correlative analysis of denoising methods in spectral images embedded with different noisesAnnam S; Singla A.
2018Designing a green data processing device using different input/output standards on FPGAGarg D; Sharma K; Singla A.
2018Energy efficient measures for sustainable development of data centersAggarwal T; Khatri S; Singla A.
2020Firefly optimization-based segmentation technique to analyse medical images of breast cancerKaushal C; Kaushal K; Singla A.
2018Hybridized active learning model based on most certain and uncertain label selectionKaur S; Singla A.
2019Recent Trends in Computer Assisted Diagnosis (CAD) System for Breast Cancer Diagnosis Using Histopathological ImagesKaushal C; Bhat S; Koundal D; Singla A.
2020A study of factors to predict at-risk students based on machine learning techniquesMarwaha A; Singla A.
2018A study of tree based machine learning techniques for restaurant reviewsShina; Sharma S; Singla A.
2020A systematic literature survey: Development of smart city based on various internet of things architecturesKirti; Gagandeep; Singla A.
2018Two phase fuzzy based prediction model to predict Soil nutrientSingh R; Kaur R; Singla A.