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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Alzheimer�s disorder: Epigenetic connection and associated risk factorsSharma V K; Mehta V; Singh T G
2020Antidepressant-like effect of essential oil of cymbopogon flexuosus in a chronic unpredictable mild stress-induced depression model in miceKaur D; Sasmal D; Grewal A K; Singh T G
2020Chronic Stress and Diabetes Mellitus: Interwoven PathologiesSharma V K; Singh T G
2020Creb: A multifaceted target for alzheimer�s diseaseSharma V K; Singh T G
2020Cyclic nucleotides signaling and phosphodiesterase inhibition: Defying Alzheimer�s diseaseSharma V K; Singh T G; Singh S
2021Evaluation of immunostimulant activity and inhibition of cytokine storm activity of proprietary herbal formulation virulina�Arora S; Sharma A; Sharma N; Singh S; Singh T G
2021Improved antibacterial activity of topical gel-based on nanosponge carrier of cinnamon oilKaur M; Nagpal M; Singh M; Singh T G; Aggarwal G; Dhingra G A
2020Improved efficacy of lovastatin from soluplus-peg hybrid polymer-based binary dispersionsVerma R; Nagpal M; Singh T G; Singh M; Aggarwal G
2020An insight into molecular mechanisms and novel therapeutic approaches in epileptogenesisSingh S; Singh T G; Rehni A K
2020Medicinal potential of heterocyclic compounds from diverse natural sources for the management of cancerSingh M; Sharma P; Singh P K; Singh T G; Saini B
2020Navigating Alzheimer�s disease via chronic stress: The role of glucocor-ticoidsSharma V K; Singh T G
2020Pharmacological evaluation of tinospora cordifolia on nicotine dependence in miceSingh S; Singh T G; Dhiman S; Satija S; Gupta S
2020Potential herbal drugs for ischemic stroke : A reviewGrewal A K; Singh T G; Singh N
2020Review article advanced glycated end products (AGES) in diabetes and its complications: An insightSingh R; Rao H K; Singh T G
2020Review article management of rheumatoid arthritis : A nanomedicine perspectiveGarg N; Kumawat J; Kaur K; Singh T G
2020Review article moringa gum: A comprehensive review on its physicochemical and functional propertiesSonika S; Dhiman S; Singh T G; Arora G; Arora S
2020Review article phytochemical activities and pharmacology of herbal drug: Nardostachys jatamansiDhiman S; Arora G; Thukral A; Babbar R; Arora S; Singh T G
2020Review article recent management of Hemorrhoids : A pharmacological and surgical perspectiveGupta S; Singh T G; Baishnab S; Garg N; Kaur K; Satija S
2020Status of E-pharmacies in India: A reviewDeepika; Singh R; Singh T G; Singh M; Saini B; Kaur R; Arora S; Singh R
2021Therapeutic modulation of the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinases (PI3K) pathway in cerebral ischemic injuryKhan H; Singh A; Thapa K; Garg N; Grewal A K; Singh T G