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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Analysis of GPS Trajectories Mapping on Shape Files Using Spatial Computing ApproachesSingh S; Singh J.
2020Application of central composite design for statistical optimization of trigonella foenum-graecum phytosome-based creamSharma N; Singh S; Laller N; Arora S.
2020Assessing the impact of formulation variables on dissolution profile of sustained release tablet of metformin hydrochloride by quality by design approachKaushal A; Arora S; Singh S; Sharma N.
2020Central composite designed solid dispersion for dissolution enhancement of fluvastatin sodium by kneading techniqueSingh S; Sharma N; Kaur G.
2020Clinical safety and recent patents on fixed-dose combinations of DPP-4 inhibitors: An updated reviewKaushal A; Singh S; Sharma N; Arora S
2019A comprehensive study on recognition of various indian and non indian scriptsKumar N; Singh S; Monga A; Sharma A; Gupta S.
2021Computational Design, Analysis and Characterization of Beetle Shaped High Isolation Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output Reconfigurable Monopole-Antenna with Dual Band Filters for Wireless ApplicationsSharma M; Singh S; Varma R
2020Cross linkage between oxidative stresses in diabetic nephropathy: An updated reviewKakar M; Shreya; Behl T; Singh S; Sharma N; Sachdeva M
2020Cyclic nucleotides signaling and phosphodiesterase inhibition: Defying Alzheimer´┐Żs diseaseSharma V K; Singh T G; Singh S
2021Deciphering the molecular role of non-coding RNA in malignant cardiac diseaseSharma I; Behl T; Sehgal A; Sachdeva M; Singh S; Sharma N; Bungau S
2017Design and performance analysis of RAM-RD-CONTROL module using Xilinx ISE 14.2Kaur H; Aggarwal D; Singh S; Tandon P; Thaku C; Sohal H.
2021Design and synthesis of newer N-benzimidazol-2yl benzamide analogues as allosteric activators of human glucokinaseSingh S; Arora S; Dhalio E; Sharma N; Arora K; Grewal A.S.
2021Detection and validation of spatiotemporal snow cover variability in the Himalayas using Ku-band (13.5 GHz) SCATSAT-1 dataSingh S; Tiwari R K; Sood V; Gusain H S
2021Detection of Alzheimer's Disease Using Deep Convolutional Neural NetworkKaur S; Gupta S; Singh S; Gupta I
2020Development and validation of uv-spectrophotometer analytical method of Eflornithine hydrochlorideGrewal I K; Singh S; Arora S; Sharma N
2020Development and validation of UV-spectrophotometer method for analysis of Fluvastatin sodium in polyethylene glycol 6000 and polyvinyl pyrollidone K30 solid dispersionsSingh S; Sharma N; Kanojia N; Kaur G; Arora S
2020Development and validation of uv-spectroscopy analytical method for estimation of lafutidine in solid nano-dispersionSingh S; Garg K; Sharma N; Sharma S; Arora S
2020Effect of co-administration of herbal extracts with copper nanoparticles: A novel two-pronged approach in treating type 2 diabetesSingh S; Singh S K; Kumar B; Kaur B; Khursheed R; Gulati M; Pandey N K; Prabhakar P K; Baghel D S; Porwal O; Awasthi A; Kumar R; Gupta S; Wadhwa S; Corrie L
2019An efficient algorithm for detection of seasonal snow cover variations over undulating North Indian Himalayas, IndiaSingh S; Sood V; Kaur R; Prashar S.
2021Elucidating the role of heat shock protein in diabetic retinopathySheetu Behl T; Singh S; Sharma N; Sehgal A; Sharma S; Hafeez A; Bungau S