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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Biomarkers of major depressive disorder: Knowing is half the battleMalik S; Singh R; Arora G; Dangol A; Goyal S.
2020A case-based analysis of the competitiveness of the North Indian sugar industrySheetal; Singh R; Shashi; Kumar R.
2020Control of closed-loop differential drive mobile robot using forward and reverse KinematicsSingh R; Singh G; Kumar V.
2019Efficiency and technology gaps in Indian banking sector: Application of meta-frontier directional distance function DEA approachGoyal J; Singh M; Singh R; Aggarwal A.
2018Energy analysis of two-tiered clustered architectures for smart world applicationsSingh R; Sharma R; Krishna C.R; Vig R.
2020Energy-Efficient Strategy for Improving Coverage and Rate Using Hybrid Vehicular NetworksSaluja D; Singh R; Saluja N; Kumar S.
2020Impact of n-butanol as an additive with eucalyptus biodiesel-diesel blends on the performance and emission parameters of the diesel engineSingh R; Singh S; Kumar M.
2017Internet attacks and intrusion detection system: A review of the literatureSingh R; Kumar H; Singla R.K; Ketti R.R.
2020Neuropathic pain in diabetes mellitus: Challenges and future trendsSingh R; Rao H.K; Singh T.G.
2020Pde4 inhibition : An emerging therapeutic strategy in liver diseasesGrewal A S; Thapa K; Sharma N; Singh S; Singh R; Singh K; Arora S
2020Review article advanced glycated end products (AGES) in diabetes and its complications: An insightSingh R; Rao H K; Singh T G
2020Status of E-pharmacies in India: A reviewDeepika; Singh R; Singh T G; Singh M; Saini B; Kaur R; Arora S; Singh R
2018Two phase fuzzy based prediction model to predict Soil nutrientSingh R; Kaur R; Singla A.