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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Antiviral essential oils incorporated in nanocarriers: Strategy for prevention from covid-19 and future infectious pandemicsKaur M; Devi G; Nagpal M; Singh M; Dhingra G A; Aggarwal G
2020Artificial Intelligence and IoT based Monitoring of Poultry Health: A ReviewSingh M; Kumar R; Tandon D; Sood P; Sharma M.
2020COVID-19: Epidemiology, pathogenicity and global updatesSingh M; Nagpal M; Singh V; Sharma A; Dhingra G.A; Maman P; Puri V.
2019Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of chalcone based compounds in Alzheimer's diseaseSingh M; Saini B; Singh T.G; Chander J; Satija S; Arora S.
2020Development of binary dispersions and nanocomposites of irbesartan with enhanced antihypertensive activityPuri V; Nagpal M; Sharma A; Thakur G S; Singh M; Aggarwal G
2019Driving digital transformation using mHealth in clinical research: Bridging the gap to true patient centricityGarg N; Kaur K; Singh T.G; Singh M; Jaura R.K; Sharma M; Munawar A; Haque A.
2019Efficiency and technology gaps in Indian banking sector: Application of meta-frontier directional distance function DEA approachGoyal J; Singh M; Singh R; Aggarwal A.
2020Employability of engineering students-a report on the discernment of the students and their employersBansal A; Aggarwal P; Singh M; Ramgopal
2020Enabling Online Education in Government Schools in IndiaSingh M; Singh G; Gill B; Bansal I; Kapoor H.
2020Gold nanoparticles-boon in cancer theranosticsJindal M; Nagpal M; Singh M; Aggarwal G; Dhingra G A
2021Improved antibacterial activity of topical gel-based on nanosponge carrier of cinnamon oilKaur M; Nagpal M; Singh M; Singh T G; Aggarwal G; Dhingra G A
2020Improved efficacy of lovastatin from soluplus-peg hybrid polymer-based binary dispersionsVerma R; Nagpal M; Singh T G; Singh M; Aggarwal G
2019Improving Load Forecasting and Renewable Energy Management for Green Computing using FIS, PSO and CatfishGill B.B; Singh M; Kakkar A.
2019Inclusion complexes of atorvastatin calcium-sulfobutyl ether cyclodextrin with enhanced hypolipidemic activityArora A; Aggarwal G; Singh T.G; Singh M
2021Influence of Ho3+ substitution on structural and magnetic properties of Mg�Mn ferritesDhiman M; Rana S; Sanansha Kumar N; Singh M; Sharma J K
2019Lock stock and barrel of wound healingDhingra G.A; Kaur M; Singh M; Aggarwal G
2019Magnetic studies of mixed Mg�Mn ferrite suitable for biomedical applicationsDhiman M; Rana S; Singh M; Sharma J.K.
2020Medicinal potential of heterocyclic compounds from diverse natural sources for the management of cancerSingh M; Sharma P; Singh P K; Singh T G; Saini B
2020Pharmacophore-based designing of putative ROS-1 targeting agents for NSCLCPathak D; Choudhary S; Singh P K; Singh M; Chadha N; Silakari O
2019Pharmacotherapy of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: An insightArti; Kaur A; Singh M; Arora S; Dhiman S; Satija S; Singh T.G.