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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Application of Taguchi Method to Optimize the Surface Roughness During Face Milling of Rolled Steel (AISI 1040)Singh K; Singh A.K; Chattopadhyay K.D.
2020Classification and Imapct of Cyber Threats in India: A reviewTanwar S; Paul T; Singh K; Joshi M; Rana A.
2017A detailed analysis of data consistency concepts in data exchange formats (JSON & XML)Goyal G; Singh K; Ramkumar K.R.
2020Device simulations: Toward the design of >13% efficient PbS colloidal quantum dot solar cellPandey R; Khanna A; Singh K; Patel S.K; Singh H; Madan J.
2020Effect of Input Parameters on Burr Formation During Milling Operation: A ReviewSingh K; Singh A.K; Chattopadhyay K.D.
2021Effect of machining parameters and mql parameter on material removal rate in milling of aluminium alloySingh K; Singh A.K; Chattopadhyay K.D.
2019Hot corrosion behaviour of different Cr3C2�NiCr coatings on boiler tube steel at elevated temperatureSingh K; Goyal K; Goyal R.
2018Image-adaptive watermarking using maximum likelihood decoder for medical imagesBhinder P; Singh K; Jindal N.
2020Local Statistics-based Speckle Reducing Bilateral Filter for Medical Ultrasound ImagesSingh K; Sharma B; Singh J; Srivastava G; Sharma S; Aggarwal A; Cheng X.
2018Numerical Simulation of CeOx ETL based Perovskite Solar Cell:-An Optimization Study for High Efficiency and StabilitySingla A; Pandey R.; Sharma R; Madan J; Singh K; Yadav V.K; Chaujar R.
2021Optimization of process parameters on mrr during face milling of rolled steel (aisi1040) using taguchi methodSingh K; Singh A.K; Chattopadhyay K.D.
2020Pde4 inhibition : An emerging therapeutic strategy in liver diseasesGrewal A S; Thapa K; Sharma N; Singh S; Singh R; Singh K; Arora S
2019Reengineering cost estimation using scrum agile methodologySingh J; Singh K; Singh J.
2019Reengineering framework for open source software using decision tree approachSingh J; Singh K; Singh J.
2019Reengineering framework to enhance the performance of existing softwareSingh J; Singh K; Singh J.
2020Selection of optimal cutting conditions and coolant flow rate (CFR) for enhancing surface finish in milling of aluminium alloySingh K; Kumar Singh A; Chattopadhyay K.D.
2020Thermo-acoustic investigations of molecular interactions in CuO nano particles contained aqueous solutions of some glycolsSingh K; Dhiman M; Kumar P; Gupta D.P; Singh D.P; Upmanyu A.
2019Transmission congestion management considering modeling of solar photovoltaic distributed generator in deregulated power systemSingla A; Singh K; Yadav V.K.
2019Ultrasonic study of molecular interactions in polymeric solution of polypropylene glycol-400 and ethanol at 303 KDhiman M; Singh K; Kaushal J; Upmanyu A; Singh D.P.
2021Understanding research trends in android malware research using information modelling techniquesSingh J; Gera T; Ali F; Thakur D; Singh K; Kwak K -S