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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Analysis of GPS Trajectories Mapping on Shape Files Using Spatial Computing ApproachesSingh S; Singh J.
2019An analytical report on measuring the level of stress & anxiety among college level studentsChaudhary D; Bali N; Bhavra A; Singh J.
2019Android anti-malware techniques and its vulnerabilities: A surveyThakur D; Gera T; Singh J.
2019An automated approach for quality assessment of openstreetmap dataKaur J; Singh J.
2020An automated review of body sensor networks research patterns and trendsGandhi V; Singh J.
2018Blockchain-based resource discovery for the intercloudSharma M; Gupta A; Singh J.
2019Cognitive emotion measures of brainKaur R; Gill R; Singh J.
2019Comparative analysis of cognitive neurodynamics on AMIGOS dataset versus prepared datasetKaur R; Gill R; Singh J.
2019Comparative Analysis of Existing Latest Microcontroller Development BoardsVidhyotma; Singh J.
2021Consumer Emotional State Evaluation Using EEG Based Emotion Recognition Using Deep Learning ApproachGill R; Singh J.
2021Digital video watermarking: Features, techniques, and challengesSharma L; Anand A; Trivedi N.K; Sharma M; Singh J.
2018Enhancing levenshtein´┐Żs edit distance algorithm for evaluating document similarityRani S; Singh J.
2020Human Behavior Recognition using Body Sensors based on WBSNsRoy T.D; Singh J.
2017Identification of requirements of software reengineering for JAVA projectsSingh J; Gupta A; Singh J.
2019The impact of demographic factors on satisfaction of users for various digital payment methodsKhurana S; Kaur B; Singh J.
2020Intrinsic Parameters based Quality Assessment of Indian OpenStreetMap Dataset using Supervised Learning TechniqueSingh S; Singh J.
2019IoT: Architecture, Technology, Applications, and Quality of ServicesVidhyotma; Singh J.
2018LVCMOS-based frequency-specific processor design on 40-nm FPGAMoudgil A; Singh J.
2019Machine learning based effort estimation using standardizationSharma P; Singh J.
2018Management of SME's semi structured data using semantic techniqueSingh S; Singh J.