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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Anticipating movie success through crowdsourced social media videosSingh J; Goyal G.
2018Applications of nature-inspired algorithms in different aspects of Semantic WebChaudhary D; Singh J; Kothari D.P.
2017Assessing openstreetmap data using intrinsic quality indicators: An extension to the QGIS processing toolboxSehra S.S; Singh J; Rai H.S.
2020An augmented reality based tool for contribution to OpenStreetMapGrewal K.K; Sehra S.S; Singh J; Rai H.S.
2020Classification of android malware using its image sectionsThakur D; Singh J; Faruki P.; Gera T.
2019Cloud load balancing algorithms: A comparative assessmentSingh J; Gupta D; Sharma N.
2020Cloud Resource Management Optimization: Taxonomy and Research ChallengesSingh J; Duhan B; Gupta D; Sharma N.
2020Comparative analysis of VM consolidation algorithms for cloud computingNagma; Singh J; Sidhu J.
2021Decoding depressive disorder using computer visionSingh J; Goyal G.
2020Deep feature extraction and classification of android malware imagesSingh J; Thakur D; Ali F; Gera T; Kwak K.S.
2020Design optimization of a micro-channel on copper substrate using wire-EDM for VLSI applicationSingh J; Kumar R; Srivastava P.
2020An Energy Efficient and Adaptive Threshold VM Consolidation Framework for Cloud EnvironmentKhattar N; Singh J; Sidhu J.
2019Evaluating the performance of map matching algorithms for navigation systems: an empirical studySingh J; Singh S; Singh S; Singh H.
2021Experimental investigation of machining nimonic-80A alloy on wire EDM using response surface methodologySingh B P; Singh J; Singh J; bhayana M; Goyal D
2020Extending Processing Toolbox for assessing the logical consistency of OpenStreetMap dataSehra S.S; Singh J; Rai H.S; Anand S.S.
2019FADU-EV an automated framework for pre-release emotive analysis of theatrical trailersSingh J; Goyal G; Gupta S.
2020Genetic-Inspired Map Matching Algorithm for Real-Time GPS TrajectoriesSingh S; Singh J; Sehra S.S.
2017Identification of requirements of software reengineering for JAVA projectsSingh J; Gupta A; Singh J.
2020Identifying biometrics in the wild � A time, erosion and neural inspired framework for gait identificationSingh J; Goyal G.
2020Integrating genetic algorithm with random forest for improving the classification performance of web log dataMittal R; Malik V; Singh V; Singh J; Kaur A.