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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Application of SeDeM expert system in formulation and development of fast disintegrating tablets using starch-glycine conjugates as superdisintegrantSingh I; Sharma B; Arora G.
2021Bioadhesive films as drug delivery systemsSingh I; Dastidar D G; Ghosh D; Sengupta A; Ajala T O; Odeku O A; Singh B P; Sharma M
2017Bioadhesives in drug deliverySingh I; Paramjot P.
2021Biopolymer-based Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering ApplicationsChopra H; Kumar S; Singh I
2020Biopolymeric, nanopatterned, fibrous carriers for wound healing applicationsSharma A; Puri V; Kumar P; Singh I
2018Carbon quantum dots: Synthesis, characterization and biomedical applications [Karbon kuantum noktalar?: Sentez, karakterizasyon ve biyomedikauygulamalar]Singh I; Arora R; Dhiman H; Pahwa R.
2018Evaluation of natural and pregelatinized forms of three tropical starches as excipients in tramadol tablet formulationAlabi C.O; Singh I; Odeku O.A.
2019Evaluations of hot corrosion behavior of Al2O3 thermal spray coatings with ZrO2 reinforcements on T-91 steelSingh I; Goyal K; Goyal R.
2019Experimental and CFD analysis of solar air heater duct roughened with multiple broken transverse ribs: A comparative studySingh I; Vardhan S; Singh S; Singh A.
2020Formulation and characterization of fast dissolving tablets using Salvia hispanica (Chia seed) mucilage as superdisintegrantMadaan R; Bala R; Zandu S K; Singh I
2020Formulation and evaluation of essential oils based liquid herbal hand washChitkara M; Sindhu R.K; Singh I; Kumar D; Sandhu I.S; Arora S.
2021Formulation and evaluation of fast disintegrating tablets of domperidone using chitosan-glycine conjugates as superdisintegrantZandu S K; Kumari R; Singh I
2020Hybrid molecules based on 1,3,5-triazine as potential therapeutics: A focused reviewPrasher P; Sharma M; Aljabali A.A.A; Gupta G; Negi P; Kapoor D.N; Singh I; Zacconi F.C; de Jesus Andreoli Pinto T; da Silva M.W; Bakshi H.A; Chellappan D.K; Tambuwala M.M; Dua K.
2020Ionic liquids for therapeutic and drug delivery applicationsZandu S K; Chopra H; Singh I
2020Mucoadhesive pellets for drug delivery applications: A critical reviewSingh I; Devi G; Barik B.R; Sharma A; Kaur L.
2020Patented therapeutic drug delivery strategies for targeting pulmonary diseasesThakur A K; Chellappan D K; Dua K; Mehta M; Satija S; Singh I
2020Probiotics for treating disorders: Microencapsulation a boon to potentiate their therapeutic applicationsZandu S K; Sharma A; Garg K; Bakshi H; Singh I
2021Rifampicin-loaded alginate-gelatin fibers incorporated within transdermal films as a fiber-in-film system for wound healing applicationsSharma A; Puri V; Kumar P; Singh I
2018Site-specific delivery of polymeric encapsulated microorganisms: a patent evaluation of US20170165201A1Singh I; Kumar P; Pillay V.
2021Synthesis and characterization of Chitosan-Catechol conjugates: Development and in vitro, in silico and in vivo evaluation of mucoadhesive pellets of lafutidineKaur L; Thakur A K; Kumar P; Singh I