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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Cerium substituted hydroxyapatite mesoporous nanorods: Synthesis and characterization for drug delivery applicationsSingh G; Jolly S.S; Singh R.P.
2018Contribution of flyash from coal-fired thermal power plants to uranium contamination of ground waterSingh G; Singh G; Rani N; Bhalla A; Upmanyu A; Kumar S; Mehta D.
2020Control of closed-loop differential drive mobile robot using forward and reverse KinematicsSingh R; Singh G; Kumar V.
2020Developments in metallic biomaterials and surface coatings for various biomedical applicationsSingh G; Saini A.
2019Effect of TiO2 on plasma sprayed Al2O3 based composite coatings at 900�C in molten salt environmentSingh G; Goyal K; Goyal R.
2020Emotion Recognition using Deep Convolutional Neural Network on Temporal Representations of Physiological SignalsSingh G; Verma K; Sharma N; Kumar A; Mantri A.
2020Enabling Online Education in Government Schools in IndiaSingh M; Singh G; Gill B; Bansal I; Kapoor H.
2019Evaluating the impact of the augmented reality learning environment on electronics laboratory skills of engineering studentsSingh G; Mantri A; Sharma O; Dutta R; Kaur R.
2021A framework utilizing augmented reality to improve critical thinking ability and learning gain of the students in PhysicsFaridi H; Tuli N; Mantri A; Singh G; Gargrish S
2020Impact of flipped learning approach on students motivation for learning digital electronics course [??????? ????????????? ??????? ?? ????????? ????????? ??? ???????? ?????????? �???????? ???????????�]Dutta R; Mantri A; Singh G; Malhotra S; Kumar A.
2018Measurements of elastic scattering cross sections for 25.2, 28.5, 37.4, 36.8, and 42.2 keV X-ray photons in elements with 22 ? Z ? 83Upmanyu A; Singh G; Kainth H.S; Mehta D; Shahi J.S; Kumar S.
2020Measuring Students' Motivation towards Virtual Reality Game-Like Learning EnvironmentsGargrish S; Mantri A; Singh G; Harun
2021Recycling of waste bagasse ash in concrete for sustainable constructionSingh M; Sidddique R; Setia S S; Singh G
2020A review of pharmacological activities of [1,2,4]-oxadiazolesAggarwal S; Goyal A; Kaur R; Singh G
2021Virtual reality learning environment for enhancing electronics engineering laboratory experienceSingh G; Mantri A; Sharma O; Kaur R